Stefan Wolf

Merge branch 'master'

Use setters for compatibility with new validation plugin

Nag user about deprecated setters

Merge pull request #7386 from gradle/wolfs/normalization/relative-path-sensitivity

Add missing path sensitivity annotations

Add test for showing transformation headers

Don't show artifact transformation headers

The headers for artifact transforms should not show up in the build

log if there is no output from the transformations.

That makes the console log much cleaner, especially for the plain and

verbose console.

The logging for artifact transformations still shows up in build scan

logs or if the transformation produced some output.

Override path sensitivity for `source` in subclasses

We won't change `SourceTask`s default path sensitivity, so let's change

all the subclasses where we know the path sensitivity.

Merge pull request #7416 from gradle/wolfs/quiet-unzip

Use quiet when unzipping

Merge pull request #7361 from gradle/wolfs/misc/task-option-override

Add test to show overriding of task option from a configure task

Use G1 GC for performance tests

Use G1 GC for performance tests

Add interface to generate bridge methods

for backwards compatibility.

Allow enabling stricter task validation

So all tasks can be validated as if they were cacheable tasks.

Build file path sensitivity should be NAME_ONLY

The extension of the build file matters.

Fix tests

architectureTest:test can be ignored since it is executed by

sanity check.

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Merge branch 'master'

Add missing since annotations

Merge branch 'release'

Merge branch 'release'

Upgradle to latest release nightly

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Address review feedback

Revert "Validate all tasks"

This reverts commit 0e483408823c9a23087d2cb92e6e8e59adc7fcb9.

Merge pull request #7190 from gradle/wolfs/xforms/cleanup

Cleanup artifact transforms code

Add path sensitivity for dynamically added inputs

Validate all tasks

Software model tasks

Add path sensitivity to native tasks

Add path sensitivity to play tasks

Add path sensitivity to core tasks

Adjust `@since` header for 5.1