Tom Dunstan

Bump native-platform version

This version includes a native hostname implementation.

Implement more methods on desugaring container

Handle unexpected attribute types, desugar lazily

Handle null configuration requested attributes

Add requested attributes to build operation

This allows a consumer such as build scans to understand which

attributes a resolved configuration was requested with, to allow

distinguishing them when the attributes are different.

Spike swapping buildSrc and settings evaluation order

Spike making task action build op available to scan plugin

Spike making task action build op available to scan plugin

Signed-off-by: Volker Leck <>

Spike making task action build op available to scan plugin

Fix scan plugin smoke tests

Disallow build scan plugin < 1.13

Older plugins are currently broken on Gradle nightly builds.

While we still need to make a final compatibility decision on which

versions to support for 5.0, we should immediately stop anyone using

nightly builds from using unsupported versions, as they will experience

UI errors due to missing data when viewing created scans.

Intentionally not cleaning up any APIs at this point (e.g. the

attributes are no longer used) as we should do that as part of a

proper cleanup before 5.0.

Make never-null applicationId a primitive

Fix test

Fix tests

Correctly attribute rootProject and allprojects registration points

Add registration point to listener execution ops

Fix attribution bug for listeners in allprojects

This also changes behaviour to only emit a single listener execution op

per allprojects listener registered, and removes an extra rootProject

listener execution op in the op chain that was misleading.

Fix cross-version test version spec

Remove bigEmpty scenario

After consultation with @oehme, removing this scenario as it's very

unrealistic and caused a performance regression to be reported that was

not above threshold on any other scenario, all or which are more


    • -6
    • +0
Appease checkstyle

Make plugin/script application ids properly unique

Previously they would be reused across GradleBuild builds and

included / buildSrc builds.

Javadoc improvements

Support removal of listeners

Add javadoc

Add listener name to operation

Fix cross version test

Remove package cycle

Correctly attribute listeners registered in rootProject / allprojects

Add test coverage for included and buildSrc builds

Add test coverage for tracking non-project scripts