Sam Snyder

Allow up-to-date incrementality to be controlled from the command line

Allow adding lombok to be controlled from the command line

Add lombok to classpath of all projects it does not break

Merge branch 'master' into sam/jenn-scenario

* master: (428 commits)

Fix flaky test (#12104)

Publish 6.2-20200204001220+0000

Fix typo in javadoc

Serialize more details of the project hierachy to the instant execution cache, so that each project's project directory is correct.

Fix unit test to honor contract expected by superclass.

Add placeholder for 6.3 upgrade guide

Update release notes template

Recognize contributor

Reset release notes

Update wrapper to 6.2-rc-1

Update wrapper to 6.2-rc-1

Publish 6.2-rc-1

Fix QuickCheck for .teamcity kt files

Don't mark JVM crash as failure in Gradleception

Add missing release notes

Increase timeout for DaemonInitialCommunicationFailureIntegrationSpec

Rebaseline JavaInstantExecutionPerformanceTest

Rebaseline JavaFirstUsePerformanceTest

Update injectable services documentation and release note

Add a release note about injectable services in Settings plugin


Turn off dependency verification for this branch

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Allow the build to be failed by passing -Pfail on the command line

Merge branch 'sam/build-data-generation' into sam/jenn-scenario

* sam/build-data-generation: (1492 commits)

Publish build-cache-packaging as public library (#11933)

Fix test

Mention contributor in release notes

Format code for better readability

Use `File` for mustWatchDirectories

Publish 6.1-20200117000113+0000

Fix the order of javascript added to the release notes

Apply the idea plugin to all subprojects

Normalize line separators, so the test works on Windows as well

Expose documentation url from DeprecatedFeatureUsage

Add additional test case to DeprecatedFeatureUsageTest

Add Javadoc to WatchRootUtil

Add missing `waitForChangesToBePickedUp()`

Extend DocumentationReference with upgrade guide section

Update santa tracker smoke test with changed deprecation message

Fix use of schema location

Log documentation reference for deprecation

Cleanup distribution integration test

Further encapsulate deprecation message's low level API

Remove remaining raw usage of DeprecationMessageBuilder and improve the builder's encapsulation


Merge branch 'master' into sam/failure-dashboard-scenario

* master: (33 commits)

Bump wrapper

Fix verification of dependencies resolved in buildFinished

Bump wrapper and use full fingerprints in verification

Rework error message in case verification loading fails

Temporarily ignore tests that fail on Windows 10

Suppress warning about missing duplicate package-info class


Make `:base-annotations` carry an API dependency on JSR-305 annotations

Rename :pineapple to :base-annotations

Move NonNullApi annotation to :pineapple project

Fix Gradle Module Metadata referencing stale files

Mark test `@ToBeFixedForInstantExecution`

Do not publish stale signature files

Correct reference to a method in javadoc

Publish 6.1-20200107000034+0000

Make dependency verification XSD more explicit

Add test for #11805

Treat single version ranges as "required"

Mention contributors in release notes

Dependency verification: Adjust sample commands and XML


Create dependency problem

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An example test failure

Capture diff between the current branch and master

Example test failure

First version helper task

Add ciDiagnostics task used in workshop

Add ciDiagnostics task used in workshop