Luke Daley

Fix build scan plugin performance test to include task input file capture

Synchronize test operation notification listener

Also includes some diagnostic improvements

Merge branch 'release'

Create a dedicate registration point for the scan plugin's end of build callback (#7542)

Remove some now defunct stuff from dropping support for old scan plugins (#7522)

Remove old ExecuteTaskBuildOperationType

Move ExecuteTaskBuildOperationType (#7374)

* Move ExecuteTaskBuildOperationType to org.gradle.api.internal.tasks.execution

* Remove redundant import

  1. … 11 more files in changeset.
Use more conventional hash code for OperationIdentifier

Use OperationIdentifier instead of Object

Expand build scan performance tests again

Fix java opts

Fix project template name

Inline the templates script and make the test depend on generating the template

Make the build scan plugin perf test project smaller, but run more iterations

This should hopefully help produce more stable results

Order the scenarios so that the new report understands the baseline correctly

Tweak test names

Restore popping the cache state in the build scan perf tests

Expand the build scan performance tests

Require build scan plugin 2.0 or later for Gradle 5

Revert build scan performance test template size change

Reduce the number of projects in the build scan performance test

Remove unnecessary atomic boolean

Don't synchronize the build operation listener/notification adapter

Don't synchronize the build operation listener/notification adapter

Detangle the test listeners

+review REVIEW-6596

Spread the source files across more packages

Puts more stress on the input file model

+review REVIEW-6596

Bump workers

+review REVIEW-6596

Fix mem args

+review REVIEW-6596

Don't produce a scan dump in the build scan performance test

It's unnecessary and skews the comparison

+review REVIEW-6596

Propagate input hashes as byte arrays to the build scan plugin (#6937)