Luke Daley

Re-enable background build scan upload for local development

Merge branch 'release'

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Take eager copy of execution plan

Closes #12527

Update to Gradle Enterprise plugin 3.1-rc-2 (#11320)

Update to Gradle Enterprise plugin 3.1-rc-2 (#11320)

Update to Gradle Enterprise plugin 3.1-rc-2

Fix error message when scan plugin doesn't not get applied with --scan

Fix test to properly fail

Merge branch 'ldaley/-b-fixes' into release

Merge branch 'ldaley/stop-operation-notification-buffering-earlier' into release

Fix handling of “no settings” case WRT auto applied plugins and classpath

Some invocation args (e.g. -b) cause us to create two settings objects,

with the subsequent being empty.

Previously we were applying the auto

apply plugins to both, and inheriting the empty's classpath into the

rest of the build.

Now, we don't auto apply any plugins to the empty and have it inherit

the real settings script's classpath (which also makes it available to

the rest of the build tree).

Closes #11101

Restore `build-scan` plugin syntax in Kotlin scripts

Closes #11095

Ignore AndroidCachingSmokeTest temporarily

To be investigated

Rebaseline gradleinception build to version that supports settings plugins

Fix removal of scan plugin from Android test app

Fix test

Fix test

Stop buffering operation notifications earlier

Now that the scans listener appears during settings, we can stop earlier

Integrate with Gradle Enterprise plugin 3.0 (#11041)

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Add upgrade notes for composite build changes (#11061)

Add upgrade notes for composite build changes

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release' into ldaley/enterprise-plugin

Add featured feature

Add note about buildSrc no longer requiring duplicate build cache config

Don't redundantly set cache config for buildSrc

Not needed any more

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Fix docs

Add an upgrade note.

Clarify version

Make init scripts compatible with earlier than Gradle 6

Fail better when using --scan and an old incompatible scan plugin