Guy Brand

Merge pull request #10239 from gradle/devisnik/build-scan-plugin-2-4

Update build scan plugin version to 2.4

Merge pull request #9300 from gradle/facewindu/build-scan-plugin-2.3-rc-1

Update build scan plugin to 2.3-rc-1

Remove 2.0.2 from unsupported version.

Do not adapt smoke test when doing an RC plugin release

Fail early when plugin version is not supported

Fix BuildScanPluginSmokeTest

Rebaseline performance test to target version 5.0-20181027205306+0000

    • -1
    • +1
Update wrapper to 5.0-20181027205306+0000

    • -1
    • +1
Upgrade build scan plugin to 2.0.1

- Use 2.0.1 as 2.0 is not supported in Gradle 5.0

Upgrade build scan plugin to 1.15.2

Update Gradle wrapper in test

Revert plugin 1.14-rc1 update in tests

Use libs-snapshots repository for build scan plugin

Add task creation build ops flag to default Gradle parameters

See #5655 for details.

Update wrapper

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    • +1
Update build scan plugin to 1.14-rc1 version

Upgrade Gradle target version to build scan plugin 1.13.3 compatible snapshot

Update build scan plugin to 1.13.3

Update build scan plugin to 1.13.2

Remove ext-releases-local repo as its included in the libs-releases repo

Replace gradle-build-internal with ext-releases-local repo

Remove gradle-build-internal repository

Merge branch 'master' into guy/bump-build-scan-plugin-1.13.1

* master: (30 commits)

Remove unused repository declaration in build-scan-init

Use latest stable build scan plugin

Remove confusing label from test

Fail whenever 2 dependencies/constraints disagree on the value of an attribute

Honor constraint attribute during selection

Honor dependency attributes when they override configuration attributes

Rename classes for clarity

Use dependency attributes when selecting variants of a single component

Avoid creating empty reject selector when no reject constraints exist

Update integration test for fixed behaviour

Add 'rejected' status to `ComponentIdResolveResult`

Add test demonstrating inadequacy of current implementation

Consider all reject constraints when resolving dynamic versions

Simplify unit test to make it less tied to implementation

Fix custom report dirs sample and test

Fix samples tests in new Java chapters

Create a new chapter on building Java projects (#4800)

Fire buildFinished for the root build after finishing all included builds (#4991)

Refactor graph visitors

Refactorings following review comments


Remove 1.13-rc-1 build scan snapshot references

Update build scan plugin to 1.13.1