Eric Wendelin

Fix classification of docs broken link check

Bump version of ci-health plugin

Introduce a specific exception type for verification failures

This introduces VerificationCheckFailedException to the Gradle API.

It's purpose is to indicate that a check task was successfully

executed but resulted in failure due to violations.

This allows other tools and Gradle logging to distinguish between

a verification tool failing to execute and one that failed for

"normal and expected" reasons.

The code quality and testing plugins are updated to use this new

exception type when appropriate.

Remove unnecessary import

Update error message for documentation check

Fix Groovy performance project generator for Gradle 4.6-5.5

Separate incremental Groovy compilation and compile avoidance in release-features.txt

Draft release notes preamble for Gradle 5.3

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    • +6
Upgrade instructions for Gradle 5.2 GA

    • -4
    • +4
Add C++ Plugins to core plugin reference

Merge pull request #8300 from gradle/js/docs/5_2-release-notes-preamble

add preamble to 5.2 release notes

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    • +41
Release notes polish for 5.2 RC1

* Deduplicate and reorganize some detail sections

* Highlight service injection because I think it's actually really cool

* One line per sentence in a bunch of places

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    • +34
Merge pull request #8329 from gradle/ljacomet/dependency-management/platform-plugin-doc

Add reference to Java platforms

Avoid "undefined" module path breaking Javadoc search

Due to JDK 11 breaks

the search box in generated javadocs because module directories are


This JDK bug is fixed in JDK 12, but until then we need to add

'--no-module-directories' to the javadoc options.

Issue: gradle/dotorg-docs#335

Fix Javadoc JS and navigation injection

This change substitutes our own javadoc script.js in place of the

broken one in JDK 11. See comments for technical details.

Issue: gradle/dotorg-docs#328

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    • +166
Fix docs side navigation highlighting and expanding

Commit ec88e8a fixed file:// URLs but unfortunately broke the JS

that handled nav highlighting etc.

This restores it in a way that should work for all environments.

Issue: dotorg-docs#330

Add upgrade instructions to 5.1 release notes

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    • +15
Merge pull request #8034 from gradle/pl/move-maven-migration-guide

Move the Maven migration Guide to the user manual

Link to for binary and wrapper JAR checksum list

Reorder subsections of release notes according to importance

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    • +26
Fix javadoc link

Move breaking changes to upgrade guide

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    • +0
Remind folks not to add breaking changes to release notes

Draft Gradle 5.1 release notes and feature list (#7995)

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    • +7
Merge branch 'pl/try-relative-nav-links' into release

Relativize release notes link from user manual nav

Merge pull request #7913 from gradle/pl/fix-h5-anchor-urls

Modify margin and padding for h5 headings

Fix callout comment in Ant example file

Merge pull request #7764 from gradle/pl/update-pdf-structure

Update single-page user manual

Merge pull request #7765 from gradle/pl/release-notes-in-nav

Restore link to release notes in docs nav