zosrothko <> in Gradle


Restore the steps for importing Gradle into Eclipse.

Make gradlew invocation agnostic

Signed-off-by: zosrothko <>

Add cast (BuildOutcomeComparisonResult<?>) otherwise Eclipse Java Compiler fails to compile

Guard adding build/generated-resources/test is it exists

Ignore Eclipse .metadata directory

Add build/generated-resources/test to the classpath

build/generated-resources/test needs to be added to the classpath, otherwise there is an `ExceptionInInitializerError` when looking for the resource `/org/gradle/` in `org.gradle.util.GradleVersion'

Add a chapter about Running or debugging gradle under Eclipse

Add a chapter about Running or debugging gradle under Eclipse. Fix typo for invoking gradlew.bat under Windows.


Adjust the configured JRE to Java 8 instead of Java 7 (see closed PR #706)

Merge pull request #1 from Kampbell/import-gradle-with-JavaSE-1.8

Update eclipse.gradle for importing gradle without compile errors into Eclipse

Update eclipse.gradle

This fix permits to import gradle in Eclipse with no compile errors in all src/main/java classes and mostly all src/test/groovy classes, so that one can run gradle as a simple java application.