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Updated the design document.

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Added integration tests for error handling in case of preserveOrder or groupByInstances option is set and TestNG version does not support the according feature.

Updated copyright of integration tests.

Added information about TestNG versions that support preserving order and grouping by instances to documentation.

Modified exception handling when TestNG does not support preserving order or grouping by instances. The NoSuchMethodException is wrapped by a GradleException with a meaningful message.

Simplified samples.

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Updated NEWEST constant and refined PRESERVE_ORDER and GROUP_BY_INSTANCES versions based on TestNG versions that first supported these features.

Fixed error handling for explicit setting of groupByInstances option when underlying TestNG does not support it.

Prevented testing of duplicate versions.

Added samples for the documentation of preserveOrder and groupByInstances options.

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Fixed typo in documentation.

Minor changes.

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Split integration test into two separate tests for preserve-order and group-by-instances since group-by-instances was correctly supported by TestNG long before version 6.9.4 which fixed a severe issue with preserve-order.

Fixed documentation issues and restricted coverage of integration test to TestNG versions supporting preserve-order and group-by-instances.

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Incorporated feedback.

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Updated version number of newest TestNG version since it contains the fix for

Added support for TestNG's preserveOrder and groupByInstances options to TestNGOptions.

Added support for TestNG's preserveOrder and groupByInstances options to TestNGOptions.