spencer allain <> in Gradle

Do not require password for truststore (#697)

Because it throws an apache http SSLInitializationException it was

misleading as to what was really the cause of a password being

required for the use of a custom truststore.

+review REVIEW-6256

Allow determineCommitId to function for git checkout when git not on path

test for directory before attempting to list files

Removes extension of archives by default and ensures that jar/war products are built by default

Jar is added to runtime configuration, so picked up by dependent products, and jar/war tasks can remain enabled all the time. Jar and War products are still not added to archives by default, but these changes make that more readily possible in the future.

Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'

CommandLineIntegrationTest failed under windows unless default user Path contained location of correct jdk at beginning of path (i.e. not just a jre) and this was two-fold. PATH versus Path being used at assignment times, and also System.getenv() was called instead of using the override value from the ExecHandleBuilder