radim kubacki <> in Gradle

Refined resources access allowing to configure logging during toolingApi provider bootstrap.

It can load special resources to avoid problems with resources that

are not on tooling API provider's classpath.

Make logback config files accessible to tooling provider.

This allows to configure logging from provider before it sets its own configuration.

Tune task selector description.

+review REVIEW-5289

Merge branch 'eclipse-wtp.documentation' of into aaschmid-eclipse-wtp.documentation

Merge branch 'eclipse-wtp.default.facets.methods' of into aaschmid-eclipse-wtp.default.facets.methods

Copy task description into task selector.

Merge branch '' of into

Remove tooling provider classpath patching.

We're only going to support BuildActions from containers like Eclipse

using Tooling API providers 2.3+.

Fix previous commit (relaxing package restrictions in ToolingAPI).

Relax package access restrictions for ToolingAPI JAR.

Merge branch 'lhotari-ansi-cmdline-option'

Merge branch 'ansi-cmdline-option' of into lhotari-ansi-cmdline-option

Mention more bugs fixed by Andreas Schmid.

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Fix package names in sample for EclipseIntegrationTest.

Merge branch '' of into

Publish source JAR for Tooling API again.

Generate OSGi compatible manifest for Tooling API.

Remove println's.

Split test for classpath updater.

Fix :toolingApi:{test,integTest,forkingIntegTest}.

Need to put patch JAR resource into some package to avoid problems with

filtering classloaders.

Manage classpath patch as service.

This helps to reduce number of created temp files to one per ConnectionService.

Ship tooling API provider patch as JAR.

Extract patch required for tooling API provider.

Create tooling classloader with overriden ClasspathInferer.

Add patched ClasspathInferrer working with 1.8-2.2.

Infer classpath for classes used in Eclipse.

Fallback to Class.getProtectionDomain().getCodeSource().getLocation() if protocol

other than file: is used by ClassLoader. Also be aware of common file layout in

Eclipse/PDE development setup.

Fix BuildInvocations javadoc.

Revert "Build OSGi compatible version of Tooling API."

This reverts commit bbdcad3a15ab8db54e0ff0957d578f354ae48604.

Revert "Note OSGi compatibility of ToolingAPI in release notes."

This reverts commit ba99b3aadc153dddd3242644a63f11224b57bd8c.

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Note OSGi compatibility of ToolingAPI in release notes.

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Note OSGi compatibility of ToolingAPI in release notes.

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