perryn fowler <> in Gradle

removed analytics data collection from gradle build

removed analytics data collection from gradle build

bump analytics plugin version again

bump analytics plugin version

upgrade analytics plugin

update analytics plugin

update group of analytics plugin so that old forks that still use a version on '+' can continue to work when new versions are published

force upgrade of analytics plugin version

change analytics tennant key

set build to use nightly

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remove use of deprecated property on Test

add direct measurement of configuration phase to BuildProfile

instrument gradle builds

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unused imports

fix build. remove test that uses internal api in way not supported. Test is covered at integration level


reintroduce previous behaviour of public accessors on copyspecs

make changing behaviour explicit


clean up commented out stuff

introduced CopySpecResolver: checkpoint

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update broken test - includes are unioned not intersected. ahem

add more integration tests including an @ignored on that exposes a problem that still exists

CopySpec eachFile now visits child specs added with "with"

clarify up-to-date behaviour for output directories

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quick fix for build. We can no longer depend on empty poms

Assume poms with packaging 'pom' always have a jar associated with them (remove HEAD request to check)

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beef up test reporting tests a bit

not necessary to manually add JIRAs to release notes apparently

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