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Annotate new methods with since 4.5

Part of gradle/gradle-native#191

Refactor two classes into a spec package

The previous package structure caused a package cycle.

Part of gradle/gradle-native#191

Add rootDir to VersionControlSpec

Users can now set a relative path from the root of the version control

repository where an external source dependency should be built. This

allows users to clone and use repositories where their target

dependency is actually built in a sub-directory of the repository.

Fixes gradle/gradle-native#191

Stop finishing already-finished included builds

This keeps us from throwing an exception when we attempt to create a

launcher for a build which has already closed its


Fixes gradle/gradle-native#188

Use the outermost build's .gradle directory for cloning

Previously, each transitively included build would clone its external

source dependencies into their own `.gradle` directory.

Part of gradle/gradle-native#188

Add a test for conflicting versions

This probably isn't the behavior we ultimately want, but it confirms

that the current implementation checks out both versions of the

duplicate dependency.

Part of gradle/gradle-native#185

Address review feedback


- Add a test that once a version is added to the repository it is

found, even if it was previously missed.

- Improve the resolve failure message to include the dependency

selector as a `String`.

Fix the GitVersionControlSystemSpec

Another change added the `latest.integration` version to the version

map, so this test needed to change as well.

Part of gradle/gradle-native#185

Use a specific version of an external git source dependency

This change allows repositories to be cloned at a specific tag, or

branch if the name matches the exact name of the version of the

dependency being resolved.

Fixes gradle/gradle-native#185

Update tests and remove comment

Part of gradle/gradle-native#203

Use a new way to assert that the test has a tested component

Part of gradle/gradle-native#203

Revert "Remove flaky performance test"

This reverts commit e14396dbf3116dadcc686152188c27c4674ba521.

Add support for the tested component in XCode generation

Part of gradle/gradle-native#203

Remove flaky performance test

This is just silly.

Update the baseline to 4.3

There was a tiny, mysterious regression from one of the 4.3 nightly

snapshots. We are experimenting with how updating the baseline to 4.3

might make the performance blip go away.

Merge pull request #3316 from gradle/sg/native/xctest-names

Handle XcTest names with non-alphanum characters

Move the configuration logic to XCTestConventionplugin

Part of gradle/gradle-native#215

Set the minimum version of Gradle to 4.0

This will keep these performance tests from running on older versions

of Gradle where the `cpp-library` and `cpp-executable` rules weren't

yet introduced.

Make CreateSwiftBundle use the outputDir as the workingDir

Previously, it assumed that the project's root directory existed. This

is not a great assumption for swift projects which often use a

directory layout different than our default.

Part of gradle/gradle-native#215

Fix linking with transitive dependencies

Part of gradle/gradle-native#215

Remove the build directory

This shouldn't have been committed in the first place.

Add a failing integration test

This demonstrates the problem we have with adding XCTest samples in


Update test

The error messages were changed in the previous commit.

Part of gradle/gradle-native#213

Emit clearer error messages from VersionControlSystem calls

Part of gradle/gradle-native#213

Change to an invalid address

This makes it more clear that we are not hoping to find a real

repository at the URL in question.

Part of gradle/gradle-native#213

Add a test for non-repo error message

Fixes #213

Merge pull request #3277 from gradle/eljobe/vcs/bad-dsl-error

Add a test for errors emitted from bad dsl elements

Add a test for errors emitted from bad dsl elements

Part of gradle/gradle-native#212

Make DefaultCppComponent recognize files ending in cc

This is a common extension for C++ files, so it should be acceptable

for source files for a `DefaultCppComponent`.

Remove redundant root project templates

Part of gradle/gradle-native#158

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