louis jacomet <> in Gradle

Disable KotlinCachingSmokeTest

It is broken because the Kotlin plugins use the removed

IvyArtifactRepository methods

Merge pull request #8229 from JamesXNelson/jxn/7398-fix-groovy-and-java-library-plugin-interaction

Issue #7398: Fix groovy + java-library plugin compatibility

Merge pull request #7806 from brouer/master

Fix issue with leading zero in version numbers

Merge pull request #4439 from gradle/ljacomet/dependency-management/caching-dynamic-module

Make caching of missing group:name permanent

Dependency management documentation fixes (#4346)

This commit contains a number of fixes for typos, broken links and minor

style improvements.

Merge pull request #4304 from ljacomet/issue-4086

Add new API for enabling feature previews

Fixes #4086

Add performance tests for advanced pom support

* Leverage where: support

* Clean up unused code

From issue #4281, pr #4291