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Mention CVE-2019-16370 in release notes

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Merge pull request #10543 from vlsi/sign_hash

signing plugin: use SHA512 instead of SHA1 when signing artifacts

Use HTTPS instead of HTTP in TeamCity config

Merge branch 'master' into feature/JLL/depricate_http_download_dependencies

* master:

Add lasted AGP 3.6 alpha to smoke tested versions

Start testing with KGP 1.3.21

Let Kotlin/Android smoke test cover a matrix of KGP/AGP versions

Restore smoke test coverage of KGP 1.3.20

Polish AbstractSmokeTest

Record the ClassLoader associated with each class that is serialized to the instant execution cache, and use this to make class lookup on deserialize faster and to deal correctly with multiple classes with the same name.

Publish 5.6.1-20190829230730+0000

Fix type parameter for AbstractExecTask subtype Exec

Fix failing tests from insecure HTTP deprecation changes

Merge branch 'master' into feature/JLL/depricate_http_download_dependencies

* master: (39 commits)

Add test to check that output from outside the work action still arrives

Update expected hash for generated Gradle API extensions jar

Remove deprecated use of BuildCacheConfiguration.local(Class)

Remove unnecessary `ExtensionAwareDependencyHandlerScope` class

Simplify `EnumCodec.decode` and `readEnum`

Revert last change

Use Hetzner internal build cache node

Publish 5.6.1-20190828230037+0000

Set Kotlin JVM target to `1.8` across the board

Add integration test for late-arriving log messages

Synchronize log messages with worker response messages

Mention new deprecations in upgrade doc

Mention potential breaking change to Kotlin DSL IDE resolver

Workaround "peer not authenticated" problem on Travis CI (#10381)

Fix incorrect performance result

Serialize the contents of `ArtifactCollection` instances to the instant execution cache.

Publish 5.6.1

Publish 5.6.1-20190827230034+0000

Fix now linted build scripts

Fix integ test to skip linting build scripts under test


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Fix failing tests from insecure HTTP deprecation changes

Merge branch 'master' into feature/JLL/depricate_http_download_dependencies

* master: (28 commits)

Fix Gradleception build

Publish 5.6.1-20190827133055+0000

Mention removal in upgrade doc

Remove deprecated getEffectiveAnnotationProcessorPath() method

Accept API change

Remove AbstractCompile.compile()

Upgrade AGP nightly in instant-execution integ tests

Enable Kotlin worker based tasks for more parallelism

Mention Kotlin upgrade in upgrade guide

Update performance tests template to not use deprecated configurations

Attach a display name to the value of `Property` typed properties for decorated types.

Attach a display name to the value of `Property` typed properties for decorated types.

Include some information about the owning task or extension object in the display name for a managed `Property<T>` instance.

Generate a basic display name for `Property` instances created as the value for a read-only managed property. Use the display name in 'this property has no value' error messages to help with problem diagnosis.

Simplify the bytecode generation for managed read only properties, so that fewer assumptions are baked into the generation.

Move some classes around to bust up a package cycle.

Generate a `toString()` implementation for extension objects added using `create()`, if the extension class does not provide one.

Publish 5.6.1-20190826230032+0000

Bump `kotlin-dsl` plugins version

Update distribution checks to account for new Kotlin jars


Fix DefaultFlatDirArtifactRepositoryTest

Merge branch 'master' into feature/JLL/depricate_http_download_dependencies

* master: (77 commits)

Realized component variants need to provide all attributes

Fix TeamCity Hygiene failures

New performance process (#10361)

Publish 5.6.1-20190825230025+0000

Publish 5.6.1-20190824230038+0000

Update .com userguide links

Update .com footer links

Update .com header links

Publish 5.6.1-20190823234015+0000

Rebase to latest 6.0 nightly

Revert "Recognize contributor"

Remove use of Java 11 API from instant execution

Recognize contributor

enhanced test source folder detection for eclipse task. (#10320)

Publish 5.6.1-20190823130927+0000

Rebase performance tests with 5.7-20190812122716+0000 baseline

Upgrade wrapper to 6.0 nightly

Rebase performance tests with 5.7-20190722220035+0000 baseline

Rebaseline to lock performance improvements

Temporarily use 5.6 as the baseline for Santa Tracker `assembleDebug` case.


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Refactor HTTP deprecation logic to use HttpRedirectVerifier

  1. … 46 more files in changeset.
Add link to medium publication about industry wide MITM

Update `@since` for new API's to be since 6.0

Merge branch 'master' into feature/JLL/depricate_http_download_dependencies

* master: (724 commits)

Highlight Gradle Module Metadata support as feature of the release

Add note about configurations deprecations

Increase DaemonErrorFeedbackCrossVersionSpec timeout

Recognize contributor

recognize contributor

Publish 5.6-20190819230034+0000

Remove no longer necessary instant execution codecs for `EnumSet` and `EnumMap`

Improve instant execution support for Java serialization

Polish `BeanPropertyReader.kt`

Polish `BeanCodecTest`

Polish `Codec.kt`

Introduce `SerializableWriteObjectCodec`

Polish `ClosureCodec`

Prepare `BindingsBackedCodec` to accept multiple encodings for the same binding

Simplify `BindingsBackedCodec` usage

Polish `BindingsBackedCodec`

Polish `LoadDirectoryTest`

Remove unused `SerializationFixture` class

Use latest Scan plugin 2.4.1-rc-1

Move Play plugins retirement to 7.0 for now


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Disable HTTP support for TextResources in redirects by default

Fix newly added API's to use `@since 5.7`

Revert "Revert "Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/sg/merges/pr-9419'""

This reverts commit 0625bc7420e55e87730673231af6ad45dd04f47a.

  1. … 76 more files in changeset.
Remove unused import from ObjectConfigurationAction

Fix the naming of allowInsecureProtocol to use set & hide override API

Fix DefaultServiceRegistry using '$' to indicate inner classes in errors

Improve HttpClientHelper deprication error and strip user credentials in errors

Merge branch 'master' into deprecate_http_download

* master: (146 commits)

Publish 5.5-20190701010031+0000

Enable Groovy compilation avoidance for Groovy template project (#9816)

Publish 5.5-20190630025152+0000

Publish 5.5-20190629014809+0000

Allow property replacement in version strings in the `plugins` block


Publish 5.5

Polish comment

Alter PULL_REQUEST_TEMPLATE to simplify issue resolution

Address reviews

Add member Github issue template for the build-cache team

Cleanup contributor issue templates

Add 'Fixes' to the PR template

Rename compilePluginClasspath to astTransformationClasspath (#9794)

Enable compilation avoidance for Groovy performance tests

Publish 5.5-20190628010030+0000

Fix example of generated resources

Provide the line-number of the plugins block when invoking

Remove unused `BuildScriptMetadata`

Polish `InitialPassStatementTransformer`


Fix minor format issues

Merge branch 'master' into deprecate_http_download

* master: (33 commits)

Implicitly finalize the value of task properties with type `ConfigurableFileCollection` when task execution commences, as is done for `Property` types.

Change the implementation of `ConfigurableFileCollection.finalizeValue()` so that only the locations are finalized, not the set of files.

Separate out some shared behaviour from the `FileCollectionResolveContext` implementations.

Add `ConfigurableFileCollection.finalizeValue()` to allow the value of the file collection to be finalized.

Remove unnecessary check.

Fix failure with older versions of PMD that try to enable incremental analysis

Publish 5.5-20190621010023+0000

Fix link syntax in upgrade guide

Recognize contributor

Polish on release notes and upgrade guide

More reliably extract PMD version

Remove spurious printlns from test build

Use recommended Kotlin DSL syntax in test

Rebaseline `help on the gradle build comparing the build`

Add missing property annotation

Fix unit test to expect a Provider<Boolean>

Add contribution notice for PMD incremental cache

Workaround issues with PMD inspecting Gradle's classpath

Rework after reintroducing reverted changes

Revert "Revert "Support PMD's analysis cache (#2223)" and "Improve test coverage for pmd incremental analysis (#2961)" (#3125)"


Fix the format of the GradleKotlinDslIntegrationTest

Fixes failing ProjectConfigurationChildrenProgressCrossVersionSpec test

Merge branch 'master' into deprecate_http_download

* master: (225 commits)

Document the purpose of PublicApi.kt

Mention Eclipse test sources as a potential breaking change in the upgrade notes.

Fixed managed property generation for `Property<T>` types where `T` is a parameterized type.

Update library/language versions used by build-init templates.

Remove the instant execution cache file when there is a failure writing to the cache file.

Disallow references to `ConfigurationContainer` from tasks serialized to the instant execution cache.

Recognize contributor

Publish 5.5-20190620010535+0000

Fix small typo in the feature variants chapter of the user guide

Rebaseline instant-execution performance tests

Refine MethodCodec

Polish task actions test

Polish BeanSchema

Temporarily ignore instant execution performance tests

Refine ClassLoaderCacheInternal

Tidy up DefaultInstantExecution & DefaultClassLoaderCache

Add some coverage for captured task actions

Dehydrate Closure and fix BeanSchema for task actions

Add MethodCodec for serializing StandardTaskAction

Let BeanSchema include AbstractTask.actions


Signed-off-by: Jonathan Leitschuh <>