jbnizet <> in Gradle

fix markup

fixes and clarifications suggested by Paul Merlin

include decisions made by eljobe and eskatos

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add open question about tar encoding

add open question about default value for file name encoding

the platform encoding is used by default for archive file names after all

fixes and clarifications after @rjernst review

doc: design doc for character encoding handling

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test: mark composite test results as ignored if no failure but ignored tests

Also change the CSS to make the packages and classes containing skipped tests orange instead of green or black.

test: take ignored tests into account in success rate computation

The success rate is now the ratio of passed tests/run tests

test: add ignored count to test reports

idea: add a note in the README about first build failure

idea: exclude file that causes compilation error from Groovy stub compilation

idea: uncheck the checkbox "Use external build" in the compiler settings