eric wendelin <> in Gradle

Avoid adding arrows to navigation on release notes page

Use same syntax highlighting colors between user guide and release notes

Fix relative links in release notes

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Update details of release notes. Add Play support improvements

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Draft Gradle 4.4 release notes preamble

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More stylistic tweaks to match Gradle Guides

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More stylistic tweaks to make docs consistent with guides

- Consistent margin below paragraphs, code snippets, and lists

- Consistent code font display

Issue: gradle/dotorg-docs#61

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Make release notes TOC links standard dark blue

Improve layout and vertical rhythm for docs

This change improves readability of documentation pages in the

following ways:

- Reduce width of content area, making tracking a single line


- Unifies vertical rhythm and header styles with other Gradle


- Lots of stylistic tweaks that make the pages pleasant

- Uses system monospace font instead of Ubuntu Mono,

improving page speed and consistency with other Gradle sites

Issue: gradle/dotorg-docs#61

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Remove unnecessary max worker count logic from logging (#2563)

The --max-worker setting no longer has impact on logging or

console display, so remove logic that propagates its value

through logging.

Issue: #2411

Log headers from unmanaged progress loggers (#2153)

Merge pull request #1726 from gradle/bm-remove-jacoco-deprecated

Remove deprecated methods in jacoco module

Replace showing work avoided in console with showing in build result

Use max worker count for build progress labels (#1554)

Break handling of --parallel and --max-workers CLI

out of StartParameter and use it in the CommandLineConverter.

Set the max number of WIP lines through the GradleLauncher and

thread through to the Console configuration.

  1. … 11 more files in changeset.
Reform PR template, adding a Context section and Member Checklist (#1291)

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Merge pull request #1543 from gradle/promote-wrapper-and-build-init

Promote wrapper and build init plugins

Merge pull request #1384 from gradle/ew-fix-1378

Allow special handling of "release" in version comparator

Merge pull request #1458 from gradle/ew-task-outcome-stats

Display task outcome stats after build progress on rich console

Merge pull request #1479 from fejese/prt-patch

Fix wording in PR template

Merge pull request #1406 from blindpirate/master

Fix typo

Merge pull request #1324 from fejese/master

Updating note about daemon to be consistent with the context

Merge pull request #1266 from Vampire/supported-builds-doc-for-build-comparison

Update the user guide section about supported builds for build comparison

Design specification for improved Console output (#1063)

Introduces 4 deliverable milestones

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Merge pull request #1034 from blindpirate/master

Fix typo 'propertes' -> 'properties'

Merge pull request #744 from marc0der/master

Scala sample projects are made more idiomatic

Merge pull request #763 from foragerr/GRADLE-3325

Add dependencies from antlr config to compileOnly instead of compile.…

Merge pull request #774 from davidillsley/patch-1

Update docs to indicate use of HTTPS maven central

Merge pull request #617 from Krijger/master

Fix description of leftShift task in error message