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docs: replace incorrect usages of "as for" with "as per"

These two phrases are commonly confused. According to and, proper usages are:

as for: with respect to; in reference to: <As for staying away, I wouldn't think of it.>

as for: with regard to: concerning: <as for the others, they'll arrive later>; <as for the others, let them get their own dinner>

as per: according to: <as per specifications>

as per: in accordance with: according to <as per your instructions>

The common usage in Gradle JavaDocs is of the form "<some parameter> is evaluated as for <some method reference>", which should instead be "as per". Almost all instances of "as for" in the codebase are of this form. There are, however, a few instances that are legitimate usages of "as for". Those instances have not been changed.

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AutoTestedSamplesUtil: fix typo in failure message

Add integration test coverage for JUnit assumption handling

Add unit test coverage for JUnit assumption handling

When JUnit tests have assumption failures, treat them as "skipped"

JUnit has a conception of "assumptions", when encode conditions in which a test is meaningful.

When an assumption fails, it means that the test provides no useful information, and should

"halt and be ignored". Prior to this change, Gradle was treating JUnit tests with assumption

failures as "passed".