chris beams <> in Gradle

Update CLA links in

Fix broken link to design-docs in

This link was broken when was moved into the .github

directory in 47b2df6e71864489a79772139d075660b4dcbb65.

Update .mailmap entries for Cedric Champeau

Prior to this commit:

$ git shortlog -nse --author cedric

1098 Cedric Champeau <>

32 Cédric Champeau <>

After this commit:

$ git shortlog -nse --author cedric

1130 Cedric Champeau <>

Avoid "unresolved reference" errors on project import

Fixes #82

Merge pull request #81 from gradle/readme-plugin

change plugin download link in README to one that doesn't require login

Upgrade wrappers to Gradle 3.0 M2

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Revert "Upgrade gradle-script-kotlin {1.0.0-M1a => 0.2.0}"

This reverts commit 62ef36e65547d635d0aa227599231f7bb05f5db9.

Bump project version to 0.3.0-SNAPSHOT

Release version 0.2.0

Fix gradle-* dependencies at 3.0-milestone-1

Previously, gradle-core and other gradle-* dependencies had been set

using a 3.+ wildcard version and resolved as snapshots. Now they are

resolved against the stable 3.0-milestone-1 version.

Note that these dependencies are compileOnly for a reason; by the time

gradle-script-kotlin is included in a Gradle distribution, the Gradle

distribution version will always be higher than the version we declare a

dependency on. Thus is the chicken-and-egg nature of having the

distribution and underlying gradle-* modules co-located and

co-versioned. In any case, there is no real conflict or cycle here; just

a somewhat awkward arrangement.

Polish Kotlin sources

- Add Apache license header where missing

- Replace wildcard imports with individual imports

- Organize import statements

- Wrap code at 120 chars

- Wrap KDoc at 90 chars

- Eliminate newlines between KDoc tags

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Remove unused import

Remove generateKtsConfig and patchIdeaConfig tasks

These tasks are obsolete as of the resolution of #26 and #43.

Resolves #79

Fix incorrect instruction in samples/README

See #66

Update samples/README

- Mention additional sample projects

- Update summaries for each sample project

- Be more explicit about IDEA project import instructions

See #66

Favor implicit import statements where possible

With the resolution of issues #33 and #57, members declared in the

following packages are now imported implicitly in all Kotlin-based

Gradle build scripts:

- org.gradle.api.plugins

- org.gradle.script.lang.kotlin

This commit removes all explicit declarations of imports from these

packages across our sample projects.

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Upgrade wrappers to latest custom gsk distro

- Use the -all distro (vs -bin) in order to pick up sources and avoid

the need to include sources in each Gradle module (see #55)

- Upgrade groovy-all from 2.4.6 => 2.4.7 for consistency with Gradle

distro's own dependency on same

- Update samples/README instructions to with URL to latest

kotlin-plugin dev build.

Resolves #66

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Build and publish `-all` distro from CI as well

Disable per check-in triggers in distro CI build

This setting was causing many builds to get queued where only one was

necessary, e.g. when many commits have been made locally between pushes,

or where the distro branch has been rebased against `master` or

`release` resulting in many new commits since the last distro CI build.

Now a single build gets queued regardless how many commits have been

made since the last run.

Revert "Include sources in binary jars"

As mentioned in the commit that is now being reverted, this change was a

temporary workaround that has now been fixed in gradle-script-kotlin


This reverts commit 4aa167c75a879e8172ae32908dbeb577855e4d51.

Re-introduce imports to fix samples/hello-world

This commit partially reverts c99a0c81e4028392503dc8e0a379ecdedf1b0b2f.

Discover git commit hash via TeamCity env var

This avoids failing the build due to the `git` executable not being on

the $PATH of a given TeamCity agent.

Re-enable `benchmark` CI build step

Reflect change in version naming scheme

- Change current version from {1.0.0=>0.2.0}-SNAPSHOT

- Rename release notes docs e.g. v{1.0.0-M1 => 0.1.0}.md

This change also favors long lines in release notes vs. the previous

fixed margin approach, as long lines wrap better when viewing release

notes when rendered via GitHub releases.

See #77 for details.

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Simplify samples/README instructions

Reflect that:

- generateKtsConfig is no longer necessary

- patchIdeaConfig is no longer necessary

And link to latest build of Kotlin IDEA plugin

Do not ignore ktscfg xml files

Return wrapper version to gsk custom distro

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Merge branch 'master' into refactor-buildscript-handling

Merge branch 'master' into release

Pick up commits adding test coverage for the CachingTreeVisitorCleaner

performance fix.