ben mccann <> in Gradle

Add some more details to the Play design doc about how implementing application reload could be accomplished

Support Play 2.3.7 instead of Play 2.3.5. Play 2.3.7 includes a commit added specifically for Gradle support so that it doesn't say you're running SBT when you start the Play server

Use https to fetch dependencies from Typesafe repo. Replace 'play new' with 'activator new' since the play script does not exist in Play 2.3.x and has been replaced with Typesafe activator. Also, fix reference to Scala when Play was meant.

Add some details about recent efforts in Play to support a Gradle plugin and how an incoming Play request triggers a Gradle build. Split Milestone 1 into two milestones - the first being the minimum required to get folks with basic project setups using and testing gradle's play support and the second being what should be worked on right after that