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Enable incremental transform workspaces by default

Merge pull request #8558 from gradle/wolfs/xforms/use-build-cache

Support the build cache for artifact transforms

Improve error message for absolute path sensitivity

It is now possible if a file input has actually declared some path

sensitivity or not which can be used to have a better error message

and disable caching for tasks later on.

Improve tagging process

Update tagging plugin and fix incorrect parameter.

Update to Checkstyle 8.17

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Merge pull request #8569 from gradle/lacasseio/pr-8190

Quick fix for executing the Wrapper inside a UNC path

Fix the expected number of lines in application start scripts

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/pl/application-script-license' into release

* origin/pl/application-script-license:

Update tests for the extra lines in start scripts

Clarify licensing in connection with the Application Plugin

Mention Thad House in the release note

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Remove Wrapper UNC integration test

The Gradle infrastructure use Java API which are incompatible with

Windows UNC path. In fact the JVM in general doesn't handle properly

the Windows UNC path. The CMD.exe doesn't support UNC path and

using the powershell within the test fixture is a bit complicated for

what we need. We still recommend mapping UNC path with drive letter to

avoid this limitation at the moment. We may work on better supporting

such use case once we can roll better testing fixture around UNC paths.

Update wrapper hash in integration test

Merge pull request #8556 from gradle/lacasseio/pr-8138

Gradle handles Windows symbolic links properly on Windows

Add bundling attribute on configurations

In the Java ecosystem, resolvable configurations now declare that they

require the bundling attribute valued as external.

Issue #8380

Prevent samples from sharing generated API jars from other subprojects

Use @Before/AfterClass annotations

Update wrapper to latest nightly

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Merge pull request #8552 from gradle/eskatos/delete/flaky-tests

Fix DeleterTest flakiness

Validate normalizer for cacheable transforms

Absolute path sensitivity does not make sense for cacheable

artifact transforms, since they are already cached on disk.

Generalize bundling attribute

The scope of this attribute goes beyond the Java ecosystem. So it is

defined at the same level as the usage attribute.

Issue #8380

Support cacheable artifact transforms

Update tests for the extra lines in start scripts

The unit tests are hard-coded to the number of lines in the start scripts

generated by the Application Plugin. This commit updates the tests for the

new number of lines in those scripts due to the addition of a licence.

Handle disabled build cache in CacheStep

Instead of duplicating the logic between tasks and transforms.

Remove deprecated factory methods from OriginMetadata

Reduce DeleterTest flakiness in distinguishing test files as old or new

By making Deleter help message tests set new files last modified a bit

in the future in order for existing test files to be considered old


Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Remove unused TaskExecutionContext.executionTime

Add test coverage for Delete task with Windows symbolic link variants

Add test coverage for Deleter with Windows symbolic link variants

Improve test coverage for Jdk7SymlinkTest

Introduce util class for creating all Windows symlink variant

Publish 5.2.1-20190220010059+0000

Fix Gradleception build

After the fix, we didn't get the jar anymore when using only the

platform. So we need an explicit dependency on both the library

AND the platform.