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Rename UnitOfWork.{incremental -> requiresInputChanges}

Rename {Context -> InputChanges}AwareTaskAction

Allow iterating changes more than once.

Determine outcome of work in execution step

By using the information if the work did any work or not.

Address more review changes

Simplify getting rebuild file changes

Introduce FileChange in public API

This replaces `InputFileDetails` from the old incremental task API.

  1. … 12 more files in changeset.

Move `InputChanges` to work package

Eagerly detect change messages

That allows us to determine whether or not a rebuild is required more


Determine input changes in ExecuteStep

  1. … 8 more files in changeset.
Address review comments

Log rebuild message only once

It is already logged by the execution engine.

Remove class/package cycles

Rename `getChanges -> getFileChanges`

Rename IncrementalInputs -> InputChanges

Create InputChanges in the execution engine

  1. … 3 more files in changeset.
Add more test coverage

Support incremental transforms

Add fine grained incremental tasks

fix typo in JDK12 experimental pipeline config

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Publish 5.3-rc-2

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release'

* origin/release:

Revert "Run tests against JUnit 4.13-beta-2"

Add JDK12 in-process testing jobs to experimental pipeline

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Determine incremental behaviour in execution engine

Revert "Run tests against JUnit 4.13-beta-2"

This reverts commit 05d0a7b3b44f29d01fac4a160e23999858c04851.

Merge branch 'release'

Fix merge conflict

Merge branch 'release'

Make patchKotlinCompilerEmbeddable depend on classpathManifest (#8734)

This fixes

Previously, `:kotlinCompilerEmbeddable:patchKotlinCompilerEmbeddable` doesn't depends

on `:kotlinCompilerEmbeddable:classpathManifest`, which may result in the patched kotlin jar

not including classpath property files. This commit fixes this issue by making implicit dependencies.