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Fixup for Swift Compile

Add test for duplicate incremental input values

Use new input changes in SwiftCompile

Move {nonI,i}ncrementalChanges to IncrementalInputProperties

Require incremental input values to be distinct

Address more review feedback

Create incremental changes in change detector

SkipWhenEmpty should imply incremental

Require `@Incremental` for incremental inputs

Only properties annotated with `@Incremental` can be queried for

incremental changes. The other properties are considered

non-incremental and changes to those cause the unit of work run


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Merge pull request #8768 from gradle/oehme/transitive-incremental-compile

Make incremental compiler handle transitive changes

Merge pull request #8760 from gradle/bamboo/master/remove-parameter-name-jars

Remove the API parameter names JARs

Simplify sentence in documentation comment

Merge pull request #8746 from gradle/wolfs/xforms/incremental-task-inputs

Add fine grained incremental inputs for tasks and transforms

Merge pull request #8780 from gradle/eskatos/docs/fix-sample

Fix Kotlin DSL sample in Organizing Gradle Projects

Rename UnitOfWork.{incremental -> requiresInputChanges}

Rename {Context -> InputChanges}AwareTaskAction

Allow iterating changes more than once.

Publish 5.3-20190315010557+0000

Determine outcome of work in execution step

By using the information if the work did any work or not.

Merge pull request #8769 from gradle/gh/core/jdk12-tempfile

Disable reset of temp file for JDK12

Fix Kotlin DSL sample in Organizing Gradle Projects

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Merge pull request #8777 from gradle/bamboo/master/kotlin-dsl/1363

Inspect only `*.properties` entries under `META-INF/gradle-plugins/`

Fix `TaskContainerExtensionsTest`

`register` must return a `TaskProvider<Task>` (not null).

Fix `DependencyHandlerExtensionsTest`

`setTransitive` must return a `Dependency` (not null).

Fix delegation of `vararg` methods

Fix `ClientModuleDelegate.getGroup()` not to return `null`

Because it also implements `ModuleVersionSelector.getGroup()` which

does not allow `null` return values.

Inspect only `*.properties` entries under `META-INF/gradle-plugins/`

Resolves gradle/kotlin-dsl#1363

Address more review changes

Introduce `TaskContainerDelegate`

Introduce `ClientModuleDelegate`