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Move services around for artifact transformations

So we only have one scope with the transformer invoker.

Move build scope id to cross build session services

This way we have only one build scope id per build session.

Move BuildInvocationScopeId to BuildTree scope

Remove usage of Stream

Only persist successful transformer execution

Use sorted set builder instead of tree set

so we sort only once.

Revert "Use Try in VersionSpecificCacheDirectoryScanner"

Using Try is overkill in this place.

Rename to callUnchecked

Move transformer execution history to version specific cache

Fix path regex

so it works on Windows, too.

Close stream when reading results file

Put everything in the same subdirectory

Maybe this will work.

Use a subdirectory for the results.bin

Using a top level directory causes some strange test errors on

Windows. The test directory cleanup tries to remove a non-existent


Fix unique origin id for daemon executer

Use Try in VersionSpecificCacheDirectoryScanner

Not as nice since `core` needs to compile to Java 6, so we can't use


Make try constructor private

Merge pull request #7572 from gradle/wolfs/xforms/execution-engine-with-up-to-date-checks

Add up-to-date checks for artifact transformations

Refine docs describing version ordering

Publish 5.0-20181106000026+0000

Merge pull request #7623 from gradle/dd/fix/domain-object-container-add-all

Fix bug that allowed duplicates in NamedDomainObjectList via `addAll()`

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/lacasseio/flaky/avoid-using-jetty'

* origin/lacasseio/flaky/avoid-using-jetty:

Remove dependency on Jetty from `WrapperConcurrentDownloadTest`

Remove dependency on Jetty from `WrapperChecksumVerificationTest`

Remove dependency on Jetty from `WrapperHttpIntegrationTest`

Split out HTTPS test from `WrapperHttpIntegrationTest`

Remove dependency on Jetty from `ToolingApiRemoteIntegrationTest`

Add helper methods for parity with `HttpServer`

Rename `testBinZip` to `binZip` to avoid misleading information

Remove unused test precondition and re-add @LeaksFileHandles

Remove brittle check for failure type

The difference between `FAILED` and `REJECTED` is not apparent from the

error message, and is unimportant for this test. This difference is still

validated by the equivalent unit test.

Merge pull request #7545 from gradle/gh/stable-native/build-with-architecture

Support for building native applications with architecture

Support project path queries in dependencyInsight

Adds support for specifying a full project path to select a dependency

to view in the `dependencyInsight` report. This was working for many

cases due to matching on `ModuleVersionIdentifier` for the project.

With this change, it is now possible to use the full project path to

select a project dependency, even when the project is deeply nested.

Fixes #6857

Use the execution history for artifact transformations

Publish 5.0-20181105172840+0000

Include unattached dependencies when reporting unresolvable dependency

Fixes #5573

Merge pull request #7608 from gradle/dd/dm/report-constraints

Better support for constraints in `dependencies` report

Merge pull request #7607 from gradle/dd/dm/dependency-result-constraints

Add a `constraint` property to edges in `ResolutionResult`