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Upgradle to latest nightly

For more VFS retention fixes.

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Notify VFS when manifest is written (#11735)

Notify VFS when manifest is written

Merge manual change to TC DSL

Rebaseline GradleInceptionPerformanceTest because of the usage of new API

Fix typo

Merge pull request #11724 from gradle/breskeby/smoke-test-test-retry-plugin

Add smoke test for test retry plugin

Publish 6.1-20191223003235+0000

Move daemon process cleanup before and after functional tests to a build service.

Upgrade to new nightly.

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Improve grouper

in order to even reduce the size of verification files

Allow `ExecOperations` and `FileSystemOperations` services to be injected into build service instances.

Update default key servers

Based on observations of the results, they seem to be more stable.

Make the various execution services available in build scope, using the build's root directory as the base directory for file resolution.

Avoid verifying the same artifact multiple times

and make sure that signature files are downloaded concurrently. This

commit adds several improvements, in particular by avoiding making

the same network requests multiple times just because we use the same

PGP key but in a different context.

Fix ignored keys not written for failed verifications

In order to generate a file which can _immediately_ be used

despite verification failures (because we fallback on checksum

verification), we need to add the ignored keys at the artifact


Add local keyring file

Fetching remote keys can be quite expensive. In order to avoid lookups,

this commits introduces the ability to use a local keyrings file, found

alongside the verification metadata.

This file can either be generated using regular tools like GPG, or via

command-line by adding the `--export-keys` flag when generating the

verification metadata.

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Update TC token

TeamCity change in 'Gradle / Check' project: project parameters were changed

TeamCity change in 'Gradle / Util' project: project parameters were changed

Add information about the source repository in errors

Publish 6.1-20191222000026+0000

Further improve error reporting for dependency verification

This commit improves error reporting by making it more

explicit when we fallback to checksum verification.

Fix verification service not being closed

Rename short options as they are incorrectly supported

Allow signature verification file generation

This commit adds the ability to generate a verification file which relies

on PGP signature verification. With this mode, Gradle will download the

signatures and verify them. Depending on the result of verification,

Gradle will either:

- automatically add trusted keys if verification passed

- automatically ignore keys if they couldn't be downloaded

- automatically ignore keys if verification failed

If verification failed or that a key couldn't be downloaded, a

WARNING will be issued to encourage the user to verify what


In order to reduce the size of the verification file, Gradle will

also automatically perform "normalization" of verifications by

configuring globally trusted keys for artifacts which share the same

group or a common super group.

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Publish 6.1-20191221000029+0000

Change the `DistributionTest` task to not use the `Project` object.

This allows these tasks to be used with instant execution.

Change the cache cleanup task so that it does not use the `Project` object.

This allows the task to work with instant execution.

Notify VFS about removed outputs for non-incremental execution (#11734)

Notify VFS about removed outputs for non-incremental execution

Move the validation and wiring logic out of the Gradle distribution install tasks and into a plugin that applies this as convention.

This change also allows the install tasks to work with instant execution.