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Remove watch filter

Add logging for Linux as well

Expose DaemonScanInfo to enterprise plugin

Merge pull request #13436 from gradle/am/cc/transforms

Fixes for running artifact transforms restored from the configuration cache

Bump lib count in distribution test

Add :enterprise to the full distribution and use that for its tests

Create new configuration caching compatible enterprise plugin contact point (#13372)

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Merge pull request #13389 from gradle/bamboo/cc/review-ToBeFixed/i

Review tests annotated with `@ToBeFixedForInstantExecution`

Merge pull request #13391 from gradle/bamboo/cc/GenerateMavenPom/i

Make `GenerateMavenPom` compatible with the configuration cache

Merge pull request #13432 from gradle/wolfs/run-sub-trigger-without-dependencies

Add fs watching CI builds without dependencies

Add fs watching CI builds without dependencies

The experimental builds now don't depend on quick

feedback for faster feedback.

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Merge pull request #13335 from gradle/wolfs/vfs/watch-old-project-roots

Re-add JansiLibraryFactoryIntegrationTest (but move it to 'test' set)

This reverts commit f57762e38c533f64bb8c80049487c41e2b0b7bb6.

Use fully qualified task name for clarity

Unignore VFS retention tests

The tests should be fixed now

Merge branch 'master'

Rename handleWatcherChangeErrors -> withWatcherChangeErrorHandling

Move WatchRootUtil to watcher updater

Use hierarchies instead of roots to watch

Remove RootProjectDirectory

Ignore some tests under vfsRetentionTest (#13423)

Some tests are very fragile under vfsRetentionTest, ignore them

before we have a fix.

Merge pull request #13410 from gradle/jjohannes/gradle-build/gradle-distributions-plugin

Introduce GradleDistributionsPlugin for gradle/gradle build to model different distributions for integration testing

Rewrite @Unroll tests (#13425)

Change some of the artifact transform fixtures to use configuration cache friendly APIs to wire in producer tasks.

Use a convention to specify the default value for a project's build directory, so that build logic can also apply a convention to the build directory.

Restore the build directory for projects loaded from the configuration cache, so that artifact transforms applied to project dependencies use the correct workspace directory.

Do not eagerly execute artifact transforms for any file dependencies when writing to the configuration cache.

These files may change and so should be treated as configuration cache inputs if the result is eagerly cached. By lazily executing these transforms, these files do not need to be tracked as inputs to the configuration cache and the up-to-date checks for these transforms can happen in parallel during execution rather than at the start of the build.

Transforms for external remote dependencies are still run eagerly when writing the cache entry.

Ignore flaky InstantExecutionCacheCleanupIntegrationTest for now

Rebaseline JavaFirstUsePerformanceTest

It seems like we're creating more tasks which causes the scenarios

running slower.

Remove unused class.