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Ignore problematic Windows tests for now

Use Path instead of List<String>

Remove `shouldReplaceExisting`

We currently always want to replace the existing.

Use paths in Node API

instead of names

Some renames and cleanups

Don't create children outside of mutation executor

Invalidate partially when loading from cache

No user code is executed for loading from cache, so we don't need to

guard against anything.

Use single-threaded access for VFS mutation

Introduce virtual file system API and use it throughout Gradle (#10849)

Introduce virtual file system API and use it throughout Gradle

Publish 6.0-20191011045912+0000

Force update green branch tags

Publish 6.0-20191010230248+0000

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release'

* origin/release:

Upgrade guide polishing for 5.6 to 6.0 section only

Upgrade guide polishing for 5.6 to 6.0 section only

Merge pull request #11010 from gradle/eskatos/ie/towards-ide

Allow configuring an IDE to enable instant execution

Add example for generic file tree to Javadoc

`SingletonFileTree`s aren't generic file trees.

Improve VFS interface

Use Java 8 syntax for copy-like tasks (#11002)

Use Java 8 syntax for copy-like tasks

Merge branch 'release'

Set a green branch tag when Ready for nightly finishes (#10984)


This PR sets up a "green status" for master/release branch,

which can be used by user to checkout new branches.

Also get Instant Execution system properties directly

if not in startParameter

This is temporary adding on top of the temporary way to enable

instant execution in order to be able to configure an IDE to always

use instant execution easily.

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Merge pull request #10996 from gradle/jjohannes/artifacts-metadata-source-discovery-fix

Fix discovery of components without metadata in repositories

Include version constraint comparison in equals() check of dependency (#11001)

The version constraint was ignored when comparing two dependency

declarations. This can lead to dropping dependency declarations for

the same module with the same required version, even if other version

constraint details differ.

Add Javadoc to GenericFileTreeSnapshotter

Relax flaky test expectation

Add equality check in case update() is called twice for the same input

Fix code comment

Add missing hashCode() method

Add test coverage to pin down selector sorting behavior

We now rely on the selector sorting when choosing a selector

to compute override metadata. The sorting puts the most

likely used selector first.

Track 'changing' and 'client module' information for override metadata

Although these are edge cases, it leads to more consistency and makes

the behavior less dependent on order which may change unexpectedly

through internal optimisations.