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Revert "Fail, so the log is archived"

This reverts commit 08e4b1ec

Use simpler scenario names

Revert "Only run the no-optimizations build"

This reverts commit b9940924

Do not set the CI environment for performance test tasks

Only run the no-optimizations build

Revert "Publish a buildscan for the profiler runs"

This reverts commit 0c516adc

Publish a buildscan for the profiler runs

Use exec to run Gradle in AdHoc performance test

Use shorter name for scenario

Remove unused class

Pass some more system properties to Gradle

Run in parallel

Another fix for applying the GE plugin

Merge pull request #11917 from gradle/vv/expose-deprecaton-documentation-to-build-scans

Expose deprecation documentation to build scans

Publish 6.1-20200121000027+0000

More logging

Publish build-cache-base as public library (#11950)

* Publish build-cache-base as a public library

* Narrow down dependency declarations

Remove dependencies to core projects that are not needed anymore and

move the ones that are acutal api dependencies to the api configuration.

After this build-cache-packaging does only depend on dependencies that

are themselves published making it possible to reuse it.

Part of

* Move some dependencies of :snapshots to api configuration

* Make :baseAnnotations an implementation dependency

Run test with more invocations

Merge pull request #11938 from gradle/bamboo/master/ie/auto-applied-settings-plugins

Get `--scan` to work with instant execution again

Merge pull request #11936 from gradle/wolfs/docs/no-task-output-cache

Don't use `Task output caching` when talking about the build cache

Apply the enterprise plugin to the perf tests

Revert "Don't set memory for santa tracker Java"

This reverts commit 4b07df74

Revert "Use same version of santa tracker Java"

This reverts commit d6bd0c14

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Partially fix the `jar` task with instant execution when the project has no source files or resources.

In this change, generate a placeholder manifest file for the Jar if it does not exist so as to ensure that the Jar file is generated. This will be improved later, so that the correct manifest content is included in the Jar.

Adjust cross version test bucket

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Upgrade TeamCity DSL to 2019.2, kotlin to 1.3.61

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Split allVersionsCrossVersionTest and allVersionsMultiIntegTest

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Fix the `jar` task with instant execution when the classes output directory does not exist when writing the instant execution cache.

More generally, do not ignore input directories for archive tasks which did not exist when the instant execution cache was written.

Publish 6.1-20200120000037+0000

Fix ktlint