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More tests with fallback strategy

Enable the fallback strategy by default

Enable tests which failed for Kotlin compilation

Upgradle to latest nightly

which contains fixes for the crashes and


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Revert "Disable VFS retention for the build itself"

Let's try again, now that the problems are fixed.

This reverts commit 30c7a43386428ce3ac23aa5e37dc6a9b8ae5f1c3.

Merge pull request #12533 from gradle/wolfs/vfs/linux-hangs

Fix hangs/crashes on Linux and Windows

Rename UnableToStartWatchingException -> WatchingNotSupportedException

Ignore duplicate symlink watching on Linux

Until we do something better in #11851.

Bump native-platform

- Detect removal of watched directory on Windows

- Do not crash when inotify cannot be unwatched on Linux

Only add the build finished listener when required

Rebaseline JavaConfigurationPerformanceTest


Publish 6.3-20200316000023+0000

Change smoke test to use spotbugs plugin 4.0.1, which uses the worker API instead of internal APIs to perform analysis.

Publish 6.3-20200315000034+0000

Publish 6.3-20200314000027+0000

Clean up generics and lambda related warnings in package

Configure scala compiler plugins as runtime classpath

Configure annotationProcessor as a runtime classpath

Extract attribute setting logic

compile and runtime classpath have a standard set of attributes. By

extracting that setup to a different type, it will be reusable across

the different JVM plugins.

Remove IBM JDK test preconditions (#12512)

We do not run any tests against IBM JDK8 in the pipeline.

Merge pull request #12509 from gradle/eskatos/ie/copyspec-scalar-props

Let instant execution capture more details of CopySpecs

Merge pull request #12473 from gradle/wolfs/watching-during-the-build

Use watchers from the end of last build for the current build

Bump native-platform

Even more fixes for Linux

Publish 6.3-20200313000033+0000

Recognise contributor

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Merge pull request 11615 Support for scala compiler plugins

Add test coverage for per project lockfile

This is done by making sure most tests cover both the existing file

format and the upcoming file format.

Issue #11881

Disable soak test on Windows and Linux

until we fix #12457

Use newer native platform version

which fixes hang on Linux

Use newer native platform version

supposedly fixing the hangs on Linux.