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Revert "Read the full search dir"

This reverts commit fe9cd6d5

Only normalize the includePath for includes

since the prefix is already normalized.

Normalize include paths

Absolute paths which enter the virtual file system need to be


Read the full search dir

Instead of checking out the individual files afterwards.

Simplify searching for include file

Ignore test on Windows for now

Use AtomicReference for root

No need to use a full executor service.

Add special cases for 1 and 2 children

Use binary search to find children

Don't check root path handling on Windows

Remove code for validation again

More ordering fixes

Use array list copy for modifying children

Fix calculating the right index

Make sure the copy is sorted

More test coverage and another fix

Use binary search when adding/removing children

Extract common code for invalidation

Extract common code to handle descendants

Fix handling of filesystem root ("/")

Add more test coverage

and fix discovered bug

Add common superclass for Nodes

Filter snapshots while reading from disk

Same logic as on master. We don't cache filtered snapshots.

Revert "Don't add the missing file snapshot"

This reverts commit aaa4029f

Don't add the missing file snapshot

Lock everytime we hash something

Lock on snapshotting a directory

So we snapshot a directory only once.

Publish 6.0-20191016201559+0000

Merge branch 'release'

Add bot token to Util project