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Merge branch 'master'

Merge branch 'master'

No `@Optional` on method parameters (#10460)

No `@Optional` on method parameters

Merge branch 'master'

Merge pull request #10453 from gradle/lptr/model/ignore-replaced-by-methods

Ignore property methods annotated with `@ReplacedBy`

Accept new warning about property declaring ignore + other annotation

Revert "Make it a strict error if a method is both replaced and declares a type"

This reverts commit ae4f4169cb1130345dcdf78d52a0ebc3747a299c.

Mention deprecation -> error in upgrade guide.

Publish 5.6.2-20190905231258+0000

Include the property display name, if defined, in error messages when a `Property` value is set using a value or provider whose type is not assignable to the property type.

Also validate and sanitize the values used to set a `Property` convention.

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release'

Update wrapper to 5.6.2

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Publish 5.6.2

Make it a strict error if a method is both replaced and declares a type

Split test into two

Merge pull request #10459 from gradle/lptr/caching/no-penalty-for-using-task-outputs-files

Remove caching being disabled when TaskOutputs.files/dirs() is used

Use Nullable instead of Optional annotation to mark nullable map params

We shouldn't use something from org.gradle.api.tasks in the MapNotationConverter anyway.

Java 8 polish

Remove caching being disabled when TaskOutputs.files/dirs() is used

We haven't been disabling caching when these methods are used since Gradle 5.0. Looks like the Javadoc has not been updated. Fixing that now.

Merge pull request #10450 from gradle/jjohannes/publishing-fixes

Clean up ivy publication and publish more information to ivy.xml metadata

Make it clearer the maven plugin is deprecated

Fix flaky test

Move some integration tests from `core` to `fileCollections` project.

Remove empty subproject build configuration (#10449)

There're two subprojects not configured properly, which results in pointless build configurations.

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Fail rather than emitting a deprecation warning when the value of a `Property` typed task property is changed after the task starts execution.

Also include the property display name, if attached, in the 'cannot change the value' error messages.

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Publish 5.6.2-20190904230037+0000

Make checkstyle happy

Fix integration test after merge with release

Temporarily just fix the compilation error blocking master after release merge

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/sg/merges/pr-10330'

* origin/sg/merges/pr-10330:

Use linked list instead of array list for potentially empty and/or pattern parts

Recognize contributor

Prevent StackOverflowException caused by excessive 'or' via PatternMatcher

Add unit tests

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