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Add unit test for filterOutputSnapshotBeforeExecution

Filter output snapshot before creating fingerprint

So that unavailable files don't have to be snapshotted.

Merge pull request #9849 from gradle/wolfs/snapshot-change-detection

Use only snapshots for before execution outputs

Publish 5.5-20190703010054+0000

Merge pull request #9851 from gradle/eskatos/ie/report-fix-jps-build

Fix :instantExecutionReport build with JPS

Add missing backtick

Polish `InstantExecutionReportPage`

- Inline fields used only once (to get rid of the explicit type declaration)

Disable new Kotlin type inference engine for `:instantExecutionReport`

To avoid discrepancies with the IDEA JPS compiler.

Polish `TreeView`

- Move explicit type information to the outer expression

Remove unused sample source file

Fix :instantExecutionReport build with JPS

Help the old kotlin inference engine by specifying types explicitly

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Only filter output snapshot for overlapping outputs

Address review feedback

Publish 5.5-20190702010046+0000

Merge pull request #9696 from gradle/bamboo/ie/summarize

Summarize issues found while storing the task graph to the instant execution cache

Use only snapshots for before execution outputs

Replace explicit task dependency by provider with implicit dependency

Update `:instantExecutionReport` README

Replace cross-project task dependency by publication variant

Forcibly use java 8 for JDK links for now

use https for javadoc links

Polish `data.Trie`

- Remove casts from use-site via `inline` class

Ignore load instant execution failures

Polish `elmish.View`

- Remove unused definition

- Let `when` scrutinize `view`

Polish instant execution report

Polish `instant-execution-report.html`

- Rename element to make connection with code clearer

Fix or suppress all `:instantExecution` compilation warnings

Delete instant execution state file upon errors

But still generate the report.

Publish 5.5-20190701010031+0000

Enable Groovy compilation avoidance for Groovy template project (#9816)

This PR adds a "systemProperties" field to TestProjectGeneratorConfigurationBuilder

so that the system properties can be configured for performance template projects.

We also enable compilation avoidance for Groovy projects.