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Increase tooling API size

Move the builder to internal API

Add a tooling API model invalidates the VFS

Bump wrapper to a Gradle version with native VFS retention for macOS

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Update sample plugin to version 0.15.24 (#11537)

Update sample plugin to version 0.15.24

Quick checkstyle for git push hook (#11524)

It's surprising that everyday we run into 5~6 times of failing checkstyle tasks. This PR adds a "quick checkstyle" for git push hook.

Usage: run `java gradle/` in gradle root project directory.

- It first searches for `build/checkstyle-all.jar`, and downloads the jar if it doesn't exist.

- Then this script scans all changed java files since last push plus uncommitted files in workspace.

- Run checkstyle command line on the changed files with `config/checkstyle` configurations.

It's super fast. On my machine, it takes less than 2 seconds to scan a 10-java-file-changeset.

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Publish 6.0.1-20191203000451+0000

Add some initial, very brief information about implementing a metrics collector to the user manual.

Add some details to the 'run work' build operation for the root build to be used by gradle-profiler.

This will allow gradle-profiler to use a metrics collector to measure the time to first task.

Update sample plugin to version 0.15.24

Remove `@Incubating` from internal API

Merge pull request #11458 from gradle/bamboo/ie/value-source

Introduce `ValueSource` API

Publish 6.0.1-20191202045933+0000

Dedupe shared identity handling

Polish `DefaultInstantExecution`

- Better variable names

Polish `TransformationNodeReferenceCodec`

- Replace `if null` by elvis expression

Publish 6.0.1-20191202000048+0000

Rename `BuildEventsListenerRegistry.subscribe()` to `onTaskCompletion()` to make the current contract more explicit.

At some point, we may may allow plugins to receive finish events from additional operation types, in which case new methods can be added and this method left as a convenience or deprecated.

Also add an internal `onBuildOperationComplete()` method, which gradle-profiler can use to subscribe to build operations in an instant execution friendly way. The tooling API event stream doesn't carry quite enough information for gradle-profiler at the moment. So add this method instead of keeping the work-arounds in instant execution and complexity in gradle-profiler. We may replace this method with a public one once the tooling API event stream carries the required information.

Fix wrong configurations in CIBuildModel (#11509)

Previously the CIBuildModel's unitTests/functionalTests/crossVersionTests

are not covered by test. This PR adds test for it and fixes the hidden

issues before.

Two unit tests which are in wrong packages are also fixed.

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Publish 6.0.1-20191201000025+0000

Update Santa Tracker remote for AGP 3.6.0-beta04 and Kotlin 1.3.61

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

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Remove `@ToBeFixedForInstantExecution` from fixed system property test

Publish 6.0.1-20191130000042+0000

Dedupe `sharedIdentities` handling

Remove `@ToBeFixedForInstantExecution` from fixed system property test

Prove value source provider can be used as build logic input and task input at the same time

Serialize original parameters instead of the one used by the value source

To avoid serializing a mutated object.

Let value source based providers be used as task inputs

Load properties when setting up the instant execution build

Use real cache version