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Revert "Merge pull request #8991 from gradle/lptr/core/use-guava-java-8"

This reverts commit b3c791db65d344ddbe1878b56db41761db385aa5, reversing

changes made to 29c75bff79d89cfd6f69335a6bd056f1bdf1d160.

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Mark known flaky performance test in report (#8997)

This closes

We want to mark the known performance test scenarios in the report even when they pass. This can give us insights of how the scenarios work previously. In this way, we can easily know, "this scenario fails, ah, it's marked as flaky", or, "this scenario is improved, but hold on, it's marked as flaky, let's not rebaseline it".

Publish 5.4-20190412010826+0000

Merge pull request #8991 from gradle/lptr/core/use-guava-java-8

Use Java 8-compatible variant of Guava

TAPI tests pass ResultHandler as FailureTracker to waitForAllPendingCalls()

Support exit on exception in `BlockingHandler.waitForAllPendingCalls()`

This allows a test that uses `waitForAllPendingCalls()` to pass a

failure tracker to the method. The tracker can be used to capture an

unexpected early exception. Instead of waiting for something that

might never happen, because of the unexpected exception,

`waitForAllPendingCalls()` will then terminate by throwing that

exception instead of eventually timing out.

Merge pull request #8990 from gradle/wolfs/perf/flaky-monolithic-abi-change

Capture JFR recording for compiler daemons

Do not capture compiler JFR recordings anymore

This should only be activated when required.

Publish 5.4-20190411011224+0000

Fix tests

Revert "Upgrade to Guave 27.1"

This reverts commit 6db14871d5cdb7a5f7923a3bf3ca121168236307.

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Ignore flaky Play tests pending removal of Play support

The Gradle Play support has been extracted to an external plugin: The intent is to announce

this new plugin, and remove Play support from the core.

In light of this, I'm ignoring these flaky tests rather than trying

to fix them.

Ignore shutdown timeouts for Play reload integration tests

Fix test

Upgrade to Guave 27.1

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Increase Tooling API size

Work around Java 6 compatibility issues

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Capture JFR recording for compiler daemons

To see what is going on with largeMonolithicJavaProject

Remove nested finally block to fail with the exception that occurs first (#8988)

This is a change in a test fixture.

Use Java 8 variant of Guava

Adjust test assertions to fix flakiness (#8979)

This fixes

The changes we made to TAPI in caused some flakiness.

This PR fixes these flakiness by adjusting test assertions.

Rebaseline help on the gradle build comparing the build (again)

An accepted regression regarding https verification was merged from

the release branch.

See gradle/gradle-private#2065 for the investigation of the previous


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Use file prefixes to exclude files from the integrity check

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release'

* origin/release:

Fix broken links

Fix broken links

Fix excluded list of jars

add debug information to toString for worker client

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release'

* origin/release:

Update wrapper to 5.4-RC1

Update wrapper to 5.4-RC1

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Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release'

* origin/release: (30 commits)

Fix javadoc search interfering with anchor links

Revert "Fix Javadoc anchors with new JDK 9 search bar"

Allow `@Incremental` on fields

Use sha-256 hashing to validate distribution dependencies

Update release features for 5.4

More improvements for incremental task documentation

Further specify

Correct version reference to use 1.0

Remove repositories mirror and flags to avoid confusion

Use HTTPS mirror in `JavaProcessStackTracesMonitorSpec`

Dissallow `@Incremental` on fields

Revert nullability changes to RelativePath

Add output for up-to-date incremental build example

Clean up user manual section on incremental tasks

Ivy publishing resolved versions

Update publishing of resolved version doc

Move SHA1 hashing to `TestFile` and polish the test

Revert "Use the `StackWalker` API in order to avoid creation of an exception"

Use the `StackWalker` API in order to avoid creation of an exception

Only check each repository once