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Update native platform to a snapshot

Remove duplicate entry from TC DLS

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Introduce separate pipeline to test Windows10 agents

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Move added snippet to updated location

The snippets are now located in a different location. This

happened in parallel of the locking-modes PR resulting in

the wrong location being used.

Tweak docs of new getExecResult method in JavaExec

Merge pull request #11282 from gradle/lacasseio/samples/split-samples-and-snippets

Split samples and snippets from each other

Update to latest nightly

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Allow build services to be passed to tasks using task properties. Turns out we didn't have test coverage for this and it was broken. Now we do and it's not.

Print error message when encountering issues

Publish 6.0.1-20191127000033+0000

Fix all sample references to snippets

Split samples and snippets

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Merge pull request #11441 from gradle/donat/remove-tasks-from-tapi-model

Add internal system property to disable task realization and serialization in GradleProjectBuilder

Add test for the reporting of conflicting input/output annotation types

Add missing test exclusions for instant execution

Remove offending 'break' from loop

Publish 6.0.1-20191126000039+0000

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/sg/61/extra-logging-dispatch'

* origin/sg/61/extra-logging-dispatch:

Log more about the event being dispatched to the client

Merge pull request #11465 from gradle/jjohannes/belongs-to

Implement 'belongsTo' for published platforms through real platform dependencies

Remove @ToBeFixedForInstantExecution for test that seems to be passing

Merge pull request #11442 from mernst/documentation-typos

Fix documentation typos

Create class for absolutePath + offset (#11378)

Create class for absolutePath + offset

Update Gradle Enterprise Gradle plugin to version 3.1 (#11464)

Use targetVersion as baseVersion for GradleInceptionPerformanceTest

It doesn't make much sense to do cross-version comparisons anyway,

given the rate of change of the Gradle build.

Update base version for Android Studio Mockup performance test

Rename PathSuffix -> VfsRelativePath

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Remove unused code

Ignore test for instance execution

Mention contributor in release note

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Make test for alignment sample meaningful