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Ignore missing files in fingerprints

Mention Ian Kerins in the release notes

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Merge pull request #8797 from isker/incremental-annotation-processor-resources

Support resource creation in incremental annotation processors

Merge pull request #8847 from gradle/bamboo/master/build/let-TaskPropertyValidationPlugin-configure-existing-tasks

Let `TaskPropertyValidationPlugin` configure existing task

Merge pull request #8823 from gradle/donat/run-tasks-on-buildship-sync

Run tasks upon Eclipse synchronization

Merge pull request #8824 from gradle/wolfs/xforms/provider-input-artifact

Allow receiving Provider<FileSystemLocation> for InputArtifact

Merge pull request #8842 from gradle/lptr/execution/remove-execution-exception

Remove ExecutionException

Fix binary compatibility

Use an internal exception for artifact transform failures

Fix flakiness in UnexportMainSymbolIntegrationTest

Fixes gradle/gradle-private#1989

Update regression template


Add detailed issue templates

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Put release notes in the release notes and not the template...

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Revert "Decrease expected count of 3rd party jars"

This reverts commit 5104026acc199bfb7ac9429594eebc151fc995c6.

Upgrade tagging plugin to 0.63

Decrease expected count of 3rd party jars

Fix jar count after removing jcip

In we removed jcip. This commit

decrements the lib jar count.

Publish 5.3-20190325011929+0000

remove dependency on jcip

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Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/sg/annotations/threadsafe'

* origin/sg/annotations/threadsafe:

Fix spelling of class name

Convert net.jcip.annotations to javax.annotation.concurrent annotations

Add defaultTasks to Project DSL ref

Merge pull request #8844 from gradle/lacasseio/native-swift-moduleonly

Fix test failures appearing starting with Swift 4.2

Publish 5.3-20190324010045+0000

Let `TaskPropertyValidationPlugin` configure existing task

For compatibility with projects which make use of `java-gradle-plugin`

such as `:kotlinDslPlugins`.

Fix spelling of class name

Convert net.jcip.annotations to javax.annotation.concurrent annotations

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Publish 5.3-20190323010048+0000

Merge pull request #8839 from gradle/wolfs/incremental-inputs/unexport-main-symbol

Convert UnexportMainSymbol to an incremental task