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First try to add a testkit test

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Upgradle to latest nightly

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Merge pull request #8814 from gradle/lacasseio/unlink-software-model-from-dsl

Unlink software model from DSL reference navigation bar

Update subprojects/docs/docs.gradle

Unlink software model from DSL reference navigation bar

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Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/sg/sync/delete'

* origin/sg/sync/delete:

Do not hide delete errors from Sync operations

Update Gradle wrapper to 5.3 GA

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Publish 5.3

Merge pull request #8808 from gradle/wolfs/improve-util-tc-config

Improve util performance test TC config

Move more common functions to extensions.kt

Fix failed TC Kotlin DSL test

Update tagging plugin (#8800)

This PR applies latest tagging plugin (which runs tagging in `GRADLE_RERUN` step) and removes `TAG_BUILD` steps in configurations.

Publish 5.3-20190320013427+0000

Use common methods in AdHoc performance job

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Merge pull request #8715 from gradle/wolfs/xforms/improve-scheduler-performance

Improve performance of scheduler in the presence of many nodes

Fix null handling of DirectoryProperty/RegularFileProperty.set(File)

Previously, we failed in a strange way if you explicitly called set(File) with a null.

set(Directory) or set(RegularFile) were OK.

Move new method to a better place

Extract common code for AdHoc Coordinator Job

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Merge pull request #8805 from gradle/wolfs/cacheable-minify-transform

Enable caching for Minify transform

Add test for strange finalizer behaviour

When there is a finalizer with some other tasks which needs to run after

the finalizer, then depending on how many executers there are, the

tasks may run in different order.


dependency -> finalized -finalizedBy-> finalizer -mustRunBefore

-> mustRunAfter

mustRunAfter can run right at the beginning, since its dependencies are

completed. Though when the finalized task finished, causing the

finalizer task to must run, mustRunAfter needs to wait until finalizer

finishes to start executing.

TeamCity change in 'Gradle / Util' project: Versioned settings configuration updated

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Store node dependencies complete information in node

To avoid a possibly expensive hash set lookup.

Merge pull request #8799 from gradle/lacasseio/native/unlink-software-model-documentation

Unlink the software model chapters from multi page userguide

Fix failed TC configuration test

This commit fixes failed TC configuration test by adding crossVersionTests=true to CIBuildModel.

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Let GradleKotlinDslIntegrationTest exercise under dev `kotlin-dsl` plugin

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Publish 5.3-20190319010128+0000

Enable caching for Minify transform

The minify transform seems to be expensive at times. Let's cache it!

Merge pull request #8762 from gradle/eskatos/kotlin-dsl/cross-version-tapi-tests

Let coverage for Kotlin DSL TAPI models do TAPI/Gradle cross-version testing

Merge pull request #8789 from gradle/wolfs/xforms/incremental-input-annotation

Require `@Incremental` for incremental inputs

Tweak test to remove some flakiness