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Make incremental compilation partially work

Fix styles

Convert more tests to groovy

polymorphism for RecompilationSpec

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Cache the constructors used to create task instances when reading from the instant execution cache.

Reuse the in-memory caching strategy for `NamedObjectInstantiator`, rather than using a custom implementation.

Publish 5.5-20190612010342+0000

Remove the singleton `NamedObjectInstantiator`. This is now available as a global service instead.

Transition some static methods to a global service, so the implementation can be contextualized.

Replace another usage of the `NamedObjectInstantiator` singleton with an injected service.

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Replace most usages of `NamedObjectInstantiator.INSTANCE` with injection of a global service instead. This allows the instantiator to be contextualized, for example to handle caching of the generated types.

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Merge pull request #9669 from gradle/bamboo/ie/ListProperty

Let instant-execution handle `ListProperty` fields

Add tests

Publish 5.5-20190611010030+0000

Rename target file before copy, when case has changed

Rebaseline JavaFirstUsePerformanceTest

Copy the caching strategy of `NamedObjectInstantiator` to `CrossBuildInMemoryCacheFactory` so that it can be reused, and use it to cache the details of generated classes.

Publish 5.5-20190610010027+0000

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Merge branch 'init-kotlin-improvements' of

* 'init-kotlin-improvements' of

KotlinLibraryProjectInitDescriptor: Apply the java-library plugin

BuildScriptBuilder: For Kotlin DSL, simplify adding plugins with versions

BuildScriptBuilder{Groovy,Kotlin}Test: Test adding a plugin with a version

Merge pull request #9661 from gradle/lacasseio/use-https-in-start-script-comments

Use https in start script template

Use https in start script template

Publish 5.5-20190609010019+0000

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Merge pull request #9637 from simon04/patch-2

doc(userguide): rename sec "Reproducible builds"

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/sg/fixes/4675'

* origin/sg/fixes/4675:

Make sure relative path of script allows custom executableDir

Publish 5.5-20190608013731+0000

Let instant-execution handle `ListProperty` fields

Make sure relative path of script allows custom executableDir

Add integration test coverage

Fix #4675

Merge branch 'release'