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Remove unnecessary isFile

Add support for incremental compilation of Groovy sources

This **experimental** feature works similarly to Java's, and actually

reuses most of the Java infrastructure. It should be cleaned up and

replace annotation processor detection with AST xforms detection.

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Incremental compilation cleans up the right files

Stupid incremental compilation

Add astTransformClasspath

Use compile classpath for Groovy compilation

Publish 5.4.1-20190511010055+0000

Publish 5.4.1-20190510010031+0000

Publish 5.4.1-20190509010024+0000

Publish 5.4.1-20190508010031+0000

Publish 5.4.1-20190507010027+0000

Rebaseline failing performance tests to latest nightly

Merge pull request #9121 from rpalcolea/IvyDescriptorFileGenerator/revConstraint-support

IvyDescriptorFileGenerator: add revConstraint if using resolved dependencies

Recognise contribution

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Merge pull request #9348 from martinda/issue-3834

Merge improvement on error message for invalid Maven coordinates

Publish 5.4.1-20190506010034+0000

Fix failing test

Publish 5.4.1-20190505010037+0000

Publish 5.4.1-20190504010038+0000

Update build scan plugin to 2.3 (#9346)

Revert "Rebaseline failing performance tests to latest nightly"

This reverts commit 13415bda73543ccdfaa7a50a0d0e58de1415ddb5.

Rebaseline failing performance tests to latest nightly

Add contributor

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Simplify `DefaultTypeAnnotationMetadataStore#validateSetterForMutableType` using the newly defined non-generic `propertyNameFor`

Publish 5.4.1-20190503010030+0000

Add support for latest. in IvyDescriptorFileGenerator dynamic version checker

Signed-off-by: Roberto Perez Alcolea <>

Remove unused field

Merge pull request #9336 from gradle/jjohannes/gmm-validation

Validate required attributes during metadata parsing

Extend `PropertyAccessorType` with `genericPropertyTypeFor` and `propertyTypeFor`

Rebaseline flaky performance tests to latest nightly