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Use maven-publish plugin [WIP]

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Merge branch 'release'

Ignore failing Xcode 11 tests

Link ignore to issue

Publish 6.1-20191212033525+0000

Publish 6.1-20191212004147+0000

Remove unused import.

Hack around the lack of module support in annotation processing

Reenable script classloader soak test.

Add some integration test coverage for new method.

Better approximation of class name

Fix library verification hashes for native platform

Merge pull request #11652 from gradle/lacasseio/update-scalatest-versions

Update scalatest to version 3.1.0

Upgrade native platform to new snapshot version

Which uses a different native version, so it doesn't pick up

an old snapshot.

Merge pull request #11638 from gradle/lacasseio/update-smoke-test-plugin-versions

Update plugin versions in smoke tests

Update scalatest to version 3.1.0

Merge pull request #11573 from gradle/eskatos/ie/smoke

Run smoke tests with instant execution

Cherry-picked from master in order to keep CI model & build logic in sync

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Merge pull request #11573 from gradle/eskatos/ie/smoke

Run smoke tests with instant execution

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Ignore VirtualFileSystemRetentionIntegrationTest until we can fix loading the correct native libraries

Merge pull request #11647 from gradle/eskatos/ie/upgrade-agp-nightly

Upgrade AGP nightly in instant execution tests

Revert library version update for 6.2

Publish 6.1-20191211124417+0000

Merge branch 'release'

Apply java plugin to make build more backwards-compatible

The test doesn't care much about which plugin is applied, though

earlier versions of Gradle which are tested don't have the java-library

plugin, yet.

Mark test as to be fixed for instant execution

Merge pull request #11596 from gradle/lptr/vfs/native-file-watchers

Native file watchers for VFS

Update released version to latest snapshot

Update library versions in build init to latest for 6.2

Clean release notes and welcome message for 6.2

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