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Spike swapping buildSrc and settings evaluation order

Publish 5.5-20190709010046+0000

Remove unused smoke test

Fix test

Task with broken link in the output should be up-to-date after the link is deleted

Merge branch 'dansanduleac:ds/failing-test'

Add test to validate up-to-date state of copy task with broken symlink

Rebaseline to lock up improvements

Rebaseline incremental compile on mediumSwiftMulti

Looking at the history graph, there's a gradual performance regression, rebaseline it.

Publish 5.5-20190708010038+0000

Recognize contributor by name

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Publish 5.5-20190707010038+0000

Follow-ups of incremental Groovy compilation (#9848)

This PR:

- Closes and

- Adds tests for

- Multiple classes in a same source Groovy file.

- Moving files between source set roots

Previously, removing a source directory from a source set would break the Java (and Groovy) incremental compiler ( This PR detects this case and runs a full recompilation.

It also records relative path instead of absolute path in Groovy incremental compilation to make it build-cache-friendly.

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Publish 5.5-20190706010034+0000

Rebase Swift performance tests

Rebase first use performance tests

Rebase buildSrc perf test due to worker API changes

Should detect changes to broken symlink outputFiles, too

Polish DirectorySnapshotterTest

Fix FileCollectionSymlinkIntegrationTest test

* `broken symlink not produced by task is ignored` should create the symnlink in the output, otherwise the test passed before, too

Recognize contributor

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Broken symlinks should be snapshotted as missing

Add tests to reproduce the issue

* "broken symlinks are snapshotted as missing"

* "detect changes to broken symlink outputs"

Add a passing test to make sure that a broken symlink not produced by task is ignored

Special case for deferred selector

When a dependency activates a pending constraint, do not defer

selection if the pending constraint comes from a virtual platform.

Because of their special aspects, virtual platforms really need to be

handled in line each time.

Fixes #9882

DirectorySnapshotterTest should have null DirectoryWalkerPredicate parameters instead of dummy ones

Merge pull request #9874 from gradle/wolfs/agp/santa-tracker-perf

Add (non-) abi change santa tracker performance tests

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Interned Strings should be explicitly called out

Remove redundant comma