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Add build op details and use in test

Add some explanatory comments

Spike of wrapping build ops around individual listener executions

...and capturing the parent at registration time.

Currently only does afterEvaluate, but does try to capture all cases

of that, being:

- registering Closures on Gradle and Project interfaces

- registering Actions on Gradle and Project interfaces

- registering ProjectEvaluateListeners on Gradle and Project interfaces

Has some basic support for not emitting an op from an internal call

using a marker interface. This could alternatively be done with internal

listener registration methods on GradleInternal / ProjectInternal.

Intern more paths/path segments for file snapshots (#5958)

It seems like f781104 caused quite an increase on memory

usage for multi project builds. We observed this in an

increased Garbage collection time when building

sanityCheck on Gradle itself (10s -> 2minutes).

This PR reduces the memory footprint by interning path

segments and relative paths in file collection snapshots.

Merge pull request #5952 from gradle/oehme/performance/file-notation

Make UriNotationConverter faster on Windows

Remove leading slash when reading from JAR file

This commit fixes reading the Gradle version from the build receipt in

the base-services JAR. ZIP entries must be read without a leading slash.

It adds an integration test to check that reading from an actual JAR

file in a distribution works.

Issue: #5742

Revert "Hackily unblock the build"

This reverts commit ea8a58282545fe8fbf7700ad05f50aeb6b492294.

Add test cases showing what happens when using multiple "belongsTo"

Merge pull request #5863 from gradle/lacasseio/lazytask/task-javadoc

Mention `Task` dependencies/ordering can take a `Provider`

Simplify test fixtures for alignment tests

Mention mkobit in the release note

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Make the test look more like the Provider of Directory test

Fix compilation after rebasing onto master

Merge pull request #5887 from SUPERCILEX/patch-1

Fix failing test on Windows

Overhaul cache cleanup logging

When the timeout for cache cleanup expires, there's no need to warn

users about it because it just will continue where it left off during

the next cleanup. Thus, `DefaultPersistentDirectoryStore` now logs that

cleanup will continue next time and the log level in

`AbstractCacheCleanup` is changed to "debug".

Clean up custom distributions (#5906)

Custom distributions are now also deleted when a version has been

detected as unused as part of version-specific cache cleanup. In order

to determine the version of a custom distribution, the `versionNumber`

property is read from `` in

`lib/gradle-base-services-*.jar` of the distribution.

Resolves #5905.

Merge branch 'release'

Update wrapper to 4.9-rc-2

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Update wrapper to 4.9-rc-2

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Correct latest rc version to rc-2

A problem interrupted today's 4.9-rc-2 release and the last step weren't

finished. After fixing the problem, release process calculated the wrong

rc number rc-3 instead of rc-2. This commit corrects this error.

Publish 4.9-rc-3


Reduce visibility of new task API in release notes

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Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/lacasseio/release/lazy-task-api-release-note-section' into release

* origin/lacasseio/release/lazy-task-api-release-note-section:

Add section for lazy task APIs in release notes

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Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/lacasseio/release/lazy-task-api' into release

* origin/lacasseio/release/lazy-task-api:

Improve grammar and layout

Update lazy task userguide chapiter with migration guide

Merge pull request #5925 from gradle/cc/dm/issue-5920

Fix undeterministic order of resolution of capability conflicts

Fix undeterministic order of resolution of capability conflicts

Previous to this commit, it was possible to resolve conflicts between

modules providing the same capability in a random order. Now the order

is consistent, making it sure that the result of resolution is always

the same.

Fixes #5920

Merge pull request #5922 from gradle/oehme/incremental-compile/delete-empty-class-dirs

Delete empty package directories

Mention @stefanleh in the release notes

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Merge pull request #5687 from stefanleh/feature/closable_project_connection

Let ProjectConnection extend Closeable interface