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Add even more error patterns when build cache shuts down.

+review REVIEW-6517

Make test more robust

The test has been flaky, since the message was changing depending on

- the error (Broken pipe/Connection reset)

- when the error happened: In the packer or in the HttpBuildCache

Polish logging for build cache error handler

+review REVIEW-6517

Some renaming in CalculateTaskGraphDetails.Result

- filteredTaskPaths -> excludedTaskPaths

+review REVIEW-6498

Merge pull request #1937 from gradle/sw/build-cache/error-handling/dont-fail-on-store

This fixes different problems with error handling in the build cache:

- Always report the cache key on failure

- Do not fail the build when uploading to the cache fails

- Show underlying connection problem when failing

+review REVIEW-6517

Add more information and guidance to BuildOperationDetails regarding implementations.

Only close a build cache service once

+review REVIEW-6510

Check that we're generating build operations for cleaning up a cache

+review REVIEW-6510

Re-enable composite/GradleBuild cleanup tests

+review REVIEW-6510

Rename DirectoryBuildCacheCleanup to FixedSizeOldestCacheCleanup

Move to non-build cache package

+review REVIEW-6510

Make DirectoryBuildCacheCleanup more generic

+review REVIEW-6510

Wrap cache cleanup in operations

+review REVIEW-6510

Clarify which tasks are cacheable and why

+review REVIEW-6516

Merge branch 'master' of

Comment out failing test to fix CI

Show console on all LogLevel (#1925)

* Add log level filtering as BuildLogLevelFilterRenderer

* Send to client all progress event regardless of their LogLevel

Add Gradle property for logging (#1927)

* Add global property

* Read new property to determine log level

* Document the new log.level property

* Review feedback

* Expand test coverage and make testing more explicit

Fix unchecked casting failure

Fix failing tests with NPE

Ignore failing tests in PluginUnderTestMetadataIntegrationTest for now

Improve code according to Lorant suggestion

Merge pull request #1936 from gradle/dl-issue-1923

Fix wrong usage of `@Classpath` annotation

Fix checkstyle

Clean up cache integration tests

Fix warning with PluginUnderTestMetadata#pluginClasspath property

Extract test fixture for HttpBuildCache

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Revert back to returning an Iterable using CollectionUtils

Fix test

Fix checkstyle

Return a List instead of Iterable