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Make build cache key log message consistent

Bind lifecycle of level and OutputEventListener in ConfigureLogging rule

This is a followup to 8fd0c8bd1f72a1ce2513efce354c34ecbc5d7e04 to

attempt at fixing flakiness issue due to MemoryManager debug messages

emitted to a test listener only interested in >info messages.

The ConfigureLogging rule constructor now accepts a LogLevel to prevent

a race condition where logging level is set later, e.g. by a

@Before/setup method or directly in a test, possibly calling the

OutputEventListener with unwanted events.

Retain less stuff in the resolution results for a `Configuration`. Specifically, don't retain both the original `ArtifactSet` and the snapshot `ArtifactSet` created from it. The original is intended to be discarded once the snapshot is available.

Fixed issue where each dependency graph node was included twice in the old dependency resolution results written to file.

Fix defect in worker failure handling for completed work

Add documentation for new repository (#2081)

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Add functional specs for build results (#2078)

* Support for functionally testing rich console output

* Fix test on Windows

* Another attempt to fix test on Windows

* Continue to use validation of deprecation messages

* Use regex to avoid issues with comparing String with OS-specific control characters

* Add functional tests for build results

* Fix tests now that we're validating output

Merge pull request #2064 from gradle/gh/taskplan/buffered-unlocks

Avoid notifying lock waiters when we roll back locks

Sort task action hashes better

So the classname and the classloader hash show up next to each other

in the build scan.

+review REVIEW-6539

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Remove TaskOutputCachingListener

+review REVIEW-6539

Use BuildOperations for build cache debugging

Instead of using TaskOutputCachingListener.

+review REVIEW-6539

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Support for functionally testing rich console output (#2066)

Polish DefaultTaskClassValidatorExtractor

Only sort task getters

There is no need to sort all methods of a task type, which is slow as it requires calling `Method.toString()`. We can eliminate any non-getters before sorting them by name.

Handle null cases of task input snapshots. (#2073)

* Handle null cases of task input snapshots.

* Handle null cases of task input snapshots.

{Smart -> Customizable} normalization in release notes

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Some renames.

Improve build operation notification integ tests.

Build operation notification listeners are build tree scoped.

Previously, they registered with the global scoped listener manager.

This meant that they received events from different build trees — i.e. GradleBuild tasks.

Inject services directly, rather than via ServiceRegistry

Fix multiline comment to make checkstyle pass

Mention changes to dependency result ordering in release notes.

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Some renames.

Make checkstyle happy

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/wl-release-notes' into release

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Clarify dependencyCacheDir removal in release notes

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Add unit test for OperationIdentifier values

Fixed dependency resolution in the software model.

Fixed int test for changes to dependency ordering.

Reworked dependency result artifact/file ordering to address some issues and to make 'consumer first' the default ordering.

Specifically, nodes in the graph are now sorted by component, rather than sorting by node. When sorting by node for a component with multiple nodes in the graph (eg a direct dependency on a maven module from a Gradle project plus a transitive dependency via another maven module, but also possible in other ways) it was possible for a particular component to appear _before_ all of its consumers.

This change affects the arbitrary order for files/artifacts that form a cycle.