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Remove custom logging manager for maven publish

Merge pull request #7505 from gradle/sg/lazy/deprecation-message

Reword deprecations in TaskContainer

Fix warning of duplicate asciidoc ID when generating PDF user manual

Use nagUserOfDiscontinuedMethodInvocation instead

Reword deprecations in TaskContainer

Since we won't be removing methods from the JDK's Collection

Merge pull request #7447 from gradle/lptr/execution/first-try

Extract execution engine

Handle exceptions separately

Lock in recent performance improvements

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Don't show artifact transformation headers (#7421)

The headers for artifact transforms should not show up in the build

log if there is no output from the transformations.

That makes the console log much cleaner, especially for the plain and

verbose console.

The logging for artifact transformations still shows up in build scan

logs or if the transformation produced some output.

Snapshot outputs separately

Consistently show file changes for single root file in Gradle Enterprise (#7422)

* Snapshot SingletonFileTree as RegularFileSnapshot

- extract SingletonFileTree as interface

- rename SingletonFileTree to DefaultSingletonFileTree

- rename MapFileTree to GeneratedSingletonFileTree

- GeneratedSingletonFileTree only accepts one file (as its only used for one file so far)

- add coverage for archives

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More review feedback

Align performance test baseline

Test was marked ignored due to a regression needing acceptance.

It remained so too long and thus a further regression was not

noticed and accepted. This commit aligns the version used as

the baseline for the large dependency graph tests.

Address review feedback

Use a more direct visitor

This avoids having to create a bunch of object instances when we are caching and stuff.

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Code style

Merge branch 'release'

Fix broken link

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Merge pull request #7484 from gradle/wolfs/fix-kotlin-script-caching

Re-add moved type `OriginTaskExecutionMetadata`

Publish 5.0-20181023000034+0000

Change the C++ tooling model builder so that it does not attempt to resolve task dependencies to infer how to build the various C++ binaries, Instead add properties to the C++ project model to allow the builder to query these tasks and build logic to explicitly define what they should be.

Merge pull request #7489 from gradle/ew/docs/fix-pdf-relative-links

Make links in single-page user manual and PDF absolute

Clarify purpose of GRADLE_OPTS

Do caching in the new executer

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Create origin metadata after execution in new executer

Make links in single-page user manual and PDF absolute

Update to latest nightly

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Do not make TaskInternal implement CacheableEntity

Snapshot executed outputs in new executer

Re-enable performance test

The fix for #7050 introduced a small regression that is now approved.

Issue #7050