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Use InetAddress.getLoopbackAddress to find loopback address

Merge pull request #10219 from gradle/bamboo/deprecations/getSchema

Remove deprecated `ExtensionContainer.getSchema()`

Merge pull request #10206 from gradle/bamboo/deprecations/StartParameter

Remove deprecated `StartParameter.isRecompileScripts` and family

Merge pull request #10205 from gradle/bamboo/deprecations/DefaultFileCollectionFactory

Remove deprecated `DefaultFileCollectionFactory` constructor

Merge pull request #10240 from gradle/gh/deprecations/source-directory-set

Remove deprecated constructors from DefaultSourceDirectorySet

Merge pull request #10232 from gradle/wolfs/scheduling/finalizer-destroys

Fix destroyer task sometimes not being able to run

Adjust `SourceDistributionResolverIntegrationTest` not fail before a major release

By explicitly setting the minimum version to use for resolving the

source distribution to the previous major Gradle version in the test.

Update smoke tests for 6.0 compatibility

Use lambdas in DefaultPlanExecutor

Rename `nodeComplete` to `finishedExecuting`

so that it is clearer what the difference between `nodeComplete`

and `recordNodeCompleted` is.

Add completion/start actions to methods on Node

That way it is harder to forget the necessary bookkeeping.

Remove some kotlin tests that are no longer necessary

Fix destroyer task sometimes not being able to run

Tasks which are skipped should not block other tasks from running.


Fix minimum version for new performance test

Rebase and activate all tests of LargeDependencyGraphPerformanceTest

Reorganize Gradle Module Metadata spec documents

* Keep a 1.0 spec

* Add a latest spec, now at 1.1

* Update all links to point to latest spec

Proposal is that upon creation of 1.2, latest is copied with a 1.1 name

and then latest is edited to become 1.2.

This enables having a stable link for the latest version and historical

versions in direct access. Maintenance should be minimal as older

version have no reason to change anymore.

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Update tests to remove usage of deprecated methods

IvyArtifactoryRepository.layout("pattern", ...) is deprecated. Removing

the usage as the method will have to stay longer.

Also updated the Spek setup used in KotlinCachingSmokeTest

Remove deprecated (and internal) CodeNarcReportsImpl constructor

Update Nebula smoke tests to test against the latest versions

Merge pull request #10215 from gradle/wolfs/deprecations/groovy

Remove deprecated Groovy types/behaviours

Merge branch 'master'

Remove deprecated (and empty) ConventionProperty class (#10218)

Remove public DurationFormatter class (#10213)

Remove deprecated ProjectBuilder constructor (#10211)

Merge pull request #10221 from gradle/wolfs/deprecations/jacoco-take-2

Remove deprecated methods from Jacoco types

Merge branch 'master'

Merge pull request #10217 from gradle/lptr/deprecations/matchers

Remove deprecated and unused method

Merge pull request #10178 from gradle/lptr/execution/use-deleter-to-clean-files

Use Deleter to clean files in cleaning local state

Remove compare-builds check after the plugin removal

Write enough state of transformation nodes to the instant execution cache in order to actually run the transform when read from the cache. Connect this up to the file collection serialization so that the results appear in file collections read from the cache.

There are still some transformation details that are ignored for now.