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Change the xcode build multiple target test to vary by OS

This test never worked. X86 is an _unsupported_ architecture for Swift

so a configuration time failure is expected here. We have to vary by OS

if we want to test a multiple target machine configuration.

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release' into sg/merges/8164+8234

Remove unused import

Merge pull request #8272 from gradle/lacasseio/native/ide-unbuildable

Fix Xcode IDE behavior for unbuildable component

Merge pull request #8303 from gradle/lacasseio/native/unsupported-vs-unavailable

Fail configuration if target machine is unsupported

Fix unsupported tool chain message in test case

Fix test failure

Revert Swift test regarding incompatible architecture

Use `isSupported` method instead of the type

Assert the test failed during configuration time

Change SystemProperties standard/important property methods

Instead of returning a set and having call sites call contains, just return a boolean.

Remove SystemProperties.asMap

This allowed you to unsafely access System.getProperties elsewhere.

Fix some whitespace

Recognize more contributors

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Hold a lock on System Properties while reading them in DefaultSslContextFactory

Merge branch 'az/system-properties-concurrency' of into release

Add note about build init being able to generate C++ projects

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Bump to latest 5.2 nightly

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Merge branch 'sg/native/user-manual' into release

* sg/native/user-manual:

Fix typos/mistakes

Add some release notes about new C++ plugins

Expand out the C++ plugin chapter

Fix references to deprecated classifier on Jar tasks

Add skeleton for C++ user manual chapter

Fix typos/mistakes

Merge pull request #8321 from gradle/ew/docs/fix-javadoc-search

Avoid "undefined" module path breaking Javadoc search

Add some release notes about new C++ plugins

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Expand out the C++ plugin chapter

Fix deprecation warning documentation link

Avoid "undefined" module path breaking Javadoc search

Due to JDK 11 breaks

the search box in generated javadocs because module directories are


This JDK bug is fixed in JDK 12, but until then we need to add

'--no-module-directories' to the javadoc options.

Issue: gradle/dotorg-docs#335

Merge pull request #8162 from gradle/marc/issues/7952-use-maven-publish-in-init-plugin

Use maven-publish in init plugin

Fix references to deprecated classifier on Jar tasks

Merge pull request #8167 from isker/validate-compilerargs-j-flags

Disallow '-J' flags in `CompilerOptions.compilerArgs`

Merge pull request #7591 from gradle/guylabs/fail-early-on-incompatible-plugin-version

Fail early when plugin version is not supported

Inline `isConstraint`

This is a performance optimization, just like `isTransitive`, the JIT

is not able to inline the calls because of the many dependency metadata

types. Since we're now calling `isConstraint` more times it's worth