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Merge pull request #5111 from gradle/oehme/performance/root-classloader

Make plugin lookups cheaper

Add more practices to authoring maintainable build scripts in user guide (#5048)

Enhances the existing best practices chapter in user guide (#4987)

Do not test Shadow plugin 1.x

It is deprecated and users are required to upgrade.

Merge pull request #5112 from gradle/marc/issues/5096-document-disabling-signing

Improve signing plugin documentation based on user feedback

Merge pull request #5133 from gradle/donat/fix/flaky-worker-test-on-ec2

Increase timeout for worker test

Increase timeout for worker test

On the EC2 build agents, WorkerDaemonLifecycleTest sometimes fails

due to a timeout. This commit doubles the wait time to remove the


Fix test expecting empty attributes

Move static helper methods to their belonging object

Make plugin lookups cheaper

Use the classloader scope of the registry as often as possible

instead of using a potentially non-caching classloader.

Move classloader caching to the root classloader scope.

This is more consistent with how the child scopes work.

Also the caching is not needed for the other clients of

the classloader registry.

Ensure that at most one thread accesses the mutable state of a project at any given time while calculating the `LocalComponentMetadata` for the project during dependency resolution (and other times).

Removed some unnecessary input declarations from the `ClasspathManifest` task.

Adjust test expectations for fixes to Xcode project generation when some Gradle projects are not included in the generated XCode workspace but are required by some projects that are included.

Rename some variables to reflect renamed service interface.

Inject services into `VcsDependencyResolver` on construction, rather than have it look these services up on resolve.

Move knowledge of whether an IDE project should or should not be included in a generated IDE workspace into the `IdeArtifactRegistry`. Change `ProjectStateRegistry` so that it does not need to care whether a project belongs to an implicitly defined build or not.

This change also includes some method renames for clarity.

  1. … 9 more files in changeset.
Register nested builds (eg `buildSrc`) in the `BuildStateRegistry` alongside the other builds in the build tree, so that the projects of each nested build are visible to those capabilities that use the project tree registry, such as project dependency resolution.

Remove an unused project dependency.

Fix `ProjectBuilder` so that the projects that it creates are registered in the `ProjectStateRegistry` so that those capabilities that use this service (project dependency resolution, IDE plugins) work as expected when used from tests.

Rename a service implementation to match the service interface name.

Move service registration into core to live with the service interface and implementation.

Move a service implementation into core to live with the service interface, as this service no longer represents a composite build specific view of the projects in the build tree.

  1. … 8 more files in changeset.
Merge `ProjectStateAccess` service into `ProjectState`, so that an action can be run against the mutable model of a project in a thread-safe way. The implementation is currently dumb.

This change moves some of the project state that is spread across a bunch of services into a single place.

Merge pull request #5046 from gradle/eriwen/docs/multi-lang-samples

Allow Groovy and Kotlin-specific syntax highlighting in docs

Revert "Disable stacktrace checks on Java7 for flaky tests"

This reverts commit cf4d3c624f06c9ed1d3f61e26cab0c475e4bc7b3.

Avoid spurious failures during connection tear-down

Merge pull request #5114 from gradle/lacasseio/native/xcode

Allow folders to be added as source in Xcode IDE groups

Merge pull request #4999 from apottere/doc-update

Update pluginManagement documentation to mention global configuration options

Merge branch 'master' into doc-update

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