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Merge branch '6126-evict-expired-connections' of

Update to latest nightly

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Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release'

* origin/release:

Update to RC4

Update to RC4

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Publish 5.5-rc-4

Remove file.exists from DefaultBinaryStore.toString

Rebaseline clean checkout scenarios

Accept the regression of improving task constrctor caching.

Rebaseline JavaIDEModelPerformanceTest.get IDE model on largeJavaMultiProject for IDEA

Looking at the history, there's a gradual regression over time. Rebaseline it for now.

Some refactoring of the collection and map property implementations.

Change the behaviour of `Property.set(null)` so that the property's convention is used, if defined, instead of using 'not defined'.

Publish 5.5-20190624010027+0000

Mention new methods in release notes.

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Consolidated some `FileSystemLocation` implementations and added some unit test coverage.

Move some classes from `core` to `files` project.

Add missing `value(T)` and `value(Provider<T>)` methods to various property types.

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Providers created using `orElse()` honor producer task dependencies.


Add `Provider.orElse()` methods, to use the value of the provider or some alternative if not present.

Renamed class and associated unit test.

Update release notes for new method and deprecation.

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Publish 5.5-20190623010042+0000

Tweak language of adding Gradle to PATH for Windows and *nix

Mention `pluginManagement.plugins` in release notes

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Document `pluginManagement.plugins` in the user guide

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Merge pull request #9716 from gradle/gh/worker-api/managed-factories

Extract managed factories from managed objects

Add `pluginManagement.plugins` to DSL reference

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Add `FileCollection.getElements()`, which returns a view of the collection elements as a `Provider<Set<FileSystemLocation>>`. This can then be used, for example, as an input to a `Property`.


Publish 5.5-20190622010412+0000

Deprecate direct creation of `SignOperation` instances, so that these instances can later be contextualized.