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Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/jjohannes/compile-task-destination-property' into release

* origin/jjohannes/compile-task-destination-property:

Update API docs

Add missing 'ToBeFixedForInstantExecution'

Document compile task dependencies in user manual

Allow SourceDirectorySet.compiledBy() to be called multiple times

Add test coverage for custom source set

Provider<File>.getOrNull() -> Provider<File>.get()

DestinationDirectory.set() -> DestinationDirectory.convention()

Document compile task dependency changes in release notes

Make SourceDirectorySet use a directory provider as destination

Add tests for rewiring compile task dependencies

Wire compile tasks with directory provider

Change destination dir API of compile tasks to DirectoryProvider

Add directory provider that can be bound to a task output

Disable Android build task

Fix sample tests

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Temporarily ignore checkstyle on generated exemplar tests

Simplify exemplar configuration for samples

  1. … 41 more files in changeset.
Update descriptions for new samples

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/sg/61/exec-result-deprecation' into release

* origin/sg/61/exec-result-deprecation:

Remove deprecation for getExecResult until getExecutionResult is stable

Add new property to DSL ref

Fix DSL doc for JavaExec

Merge pull request #11683 from gradle/bamboo/release/ie/build-logic-inputs/environment-variables

Introduce `providers.environmentVariable(variableNameOrProvider)`

Merge pull request #11676 from gradle/breskeby/scans-plugin-3-1-1-update

Update default scans plugin to 3.1.1

Allow a capability request without version to be published (#11691)

If a capability is required by a dependency, the request can be made

without specifying a version. This was not fully supported:

- At publishing time, we published 'version: null' (instead of nothing)

- At consuming time, we failed for a missing version (although this is fine)

Both cases are fixed in this commit and test coverage was added.

The test fixtures are extended to work with dependencies published

with a capability requests.

Fixes #11616

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/sg/61/worker-action-projectlayout' into release

* origin/sg/61/worker-action-projectlayout:

Remove ProjectLayout as a service for worker actions

Merge pull request #11317 from vlsi/dep_constraint_bom

Maven publish: resolve project constraint versions from maven publications

Don't schedule instantExecution builds on EC2 agents for now

Update API docs

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Do not deprecate 'JavaPlatform'

The interface is used by the Java compile task and for transferring

Java version information from the task to the compiler.

The type is now de-incubated. In the future, we might replace

(and then deprecate) or extend it.

This commit removes documentation of the interface that refers to it's

usage in the jvm-component DSL, as this usage of the interface is indeed


Fix direct get resource for GCS (#11669)

It looks like this code path was never properly tested and working

since this was implemented. It was only working for the case

where we have a populated cache (Maven local) and probe for

metadata before downloading.

Rename `Report.activated` to `required`

Clean up build operation listeners added by `BuildEventsListenerRegistry` at the completion of a build.

Fixes a memory leak when using gradle-profiler caused by these listeners continuing to receive and queue events without forwarding them to anything, plus the leak caused by retaining the listeners themselves.

Add a brief note that build service can be used from a worker API action, artifact transform or other build service to the user manual.

Allow a build services to be used as the parameter for isolated objects, such as other build services, artifact transforms or worker API actions.

There are still some missing pieces to this:

- Worker classloader and process isolation is not supported.

- Services are stopped in the order they are created, rather than in reverse dependency order.

- Parallel usage constraints specified for these services are not honoured.

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Improve the formatting of user provided values and types in several error messages.

Change some more exceptions to use `TreeFormatter` to take care of the formatting of these things.

Revert auto bucket split

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Fix bucket provider

Fix ExcludeTestClassProvider

Fix too many buckets issue

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Fix too long build type name

Too long build type name causes TeamCity not working.

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Add -PincludeTestClasses=true and -PexcludeTestClasses=true

Otherwise it won't take effect.

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Fix cross version tests

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Automatically split TeamCity builds into buckets (#11468)

Previously, our TeamCity builds aren't distributed evenly, we want to shorten the feedback time by splitting builds into small buckets. This PR reads the build time data JSON genreated by [ci-health](

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