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Fix checkstyle

Add incubating and since to new methods

Fix backwards compatibility

Recognize contributor

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Merge branch 'ear-deployment-descriptor' of into sg/merges/pr-10129

* 'ear-deployment-descriptor' of

Add generateDeploymentDescriptor boolean to Ear task and EarPluginConvention that allows the user to disable application.xml generation.

Keep 'building' vs 'running' in feature variant chapter

Recognize contributor

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Merge branch 'feature-variant-docs' of

* 'feature-variant-docs' of

improved confusing documentation and fixed odd grammar

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/sg/60/codequality-upgrades'

* origin/sg/60/codequality-upgrades:

Update PMD to 6.17.0

Update CodeNarc plugin

Update Checkstyle to 8.24

Fix missing deferred_tests (#10712)

Merge pull request #10711 from gradle/wolfs/ignore-test-bucket-for-crossversion

Re-add deferred tests

Re-add deferred tests

And fix tests.

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Add authentication for resolving scan plugin snapshots

Update auto apply scan plugin to 2.4.2 (#10535)

Broken link check as part of sanity check and archive report on CI

Fix broken link

Remove extra new-line

Do not split tests on AllVersionsCrossVersion (#10702)


This commit disable test splits for AllVersionsCrossVersion.

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Add more information about potentially breaking changes in Gradle 6

Merge pull request #10696 from gradle/wolfs/remove-getInstantiatorForNext-usage

Remove leftover reference to `getInstantiatorForNext`

Use "real" cache layout version

Merge pull request #10607 from gradle/jjohannes/maven-artifacts-and-packaging

Do not change extension of published artifact based on pom packaging

Cleanup unused code

Merge pull request #10695 from gradle/wolfs/migrate-tests-to-new-transform-api

Migrate tests to use new transforms API

Small optimization for hashing in ModelMap (#10692)

Small optimization for hashing in ModelMap

Support prefix and latest selectors in strictly

This was basically just about adding test coverage.

The assumed behavior is that `latest.release` would

accept _any_ version when used in a reject selector,

so that we can iterate on rejected versions until

we find a match.

Extract method names into constants

and place them right to the methods. This should make it harder to forget

changing the method name next time.

Simplify test

It is only necessary to call the method in the constructor, the usage

of `@Nested` is not required.

TeamCity change in 'Gradle / Check / Quick Feedback - Linux Only / Test Coverage - Quick Java12 Openjdk Linux' project: Custom chart PROJECT_EXT_20 was removed from project-graphs

TeamCity change in 'Gradle / Check / Quick Feedback - Linux Only / Test Coverage - Quick Java12 Openjdk Linux' project: New custom chart added to project-graphs